Chaturamit “Earthball Pair”

It’s the 30th Chaturamit Football Tournament at Subachalasay Stadium, this year, Thep Deck is Debseren as host.

Let’s think to ourselves, “Short Legs 4 Friends” Institute, but that vision is long and broad.

Teachers from all four institutions have continued and continue to take a mathematical approach. It is a training tool for young buds. “Make Love – Make Unity” to grow into a bamboo grove, spreading the roots of “Seize the Nation – Seize the Land” How long has it been so strong?

It’s beautiful. He is an example that should be honored. And helping support the model “Chaturamit Sports” makes Khajun Kamjay the guideline to follow.

I met leaders in many circles in the trade and industry business cycle. Among them are police and army officials and even politicians

That found success Be a big person – Be a big person in your business. They are all resources from the products of these four institutions, many, many more.

There are some divine children, some garden children, some foreign temple children, and they are Bangkok Christians. Some assumption

When everyone mentions the organization, they will say it with pride. I listened and was pleased with him on that point

These four educational institutions make immeasurable contributions to the nation in terms of creating “pillars-pillars” that support the nation.

Every plant grown in these four institutes is “High Quality – Great Value”

Growing up to have a gratifying “National HR” status

There will be some “mutations – divisions” that grow into “plant-destroying shoots.”

This is the nature of creatures in the world who have karma as their distinction.

But it’s a “minority”

Like I said, this time Chaturamit Football is “Cryangkrai-Great”

Because there are only a few “animals in the world”……

It “highlights” the fact that most children grow up to be the core of the nation’s society. As a social phenomenon at the present time

Thinking Good – Doing Things Well Chaturamit children make the majority of the country’s population happy, warm-hearted, and hopeful for the country’s longevity and stability on the axis of “nation and religion.” And ownership”

The “transformation” that the four institutions have undergone over the past 4-5 days has become famous. In terms of admiration and pride for each other.

And not very often…….

To be able to see the “graduates of 4 institutes” from the generation of the grandfather and father. “Enthusiasm” comes out to participate in the generation of children and grandchildren. With the spirit of enterprise

Create colors and encourage changing letters, the Chaturamitra Football Competition is a good place. Loud – boisterous, having fun without being selfish – maintains status!

“Honoring the Nation – Honoring the Foundation” by transcribing letters from Chaturamit Children

It makes the Motau-Motakor people lost in the times. He went out to fight by “resisting” this change.

“I have to thank him. The name ‘Somyot’ seems to be a familiar face. I’ve seen him in and out of prison.

His boom is like a worthless pebble bouncing off and hitting a golden bell.

The bell called to him. Every generation of “Chaturamit children” rushed out and stepped on the tail of that “rotten dog”!

I watched this on YouTube or Facebook from the news program “Dek Thep” as an annual host.

He gave an interview about this issue: “Forcing children to change the letters of the alphabet” was so amazing in “Children’s Thoughts Today” that I had to extract the words from the passage for you to read with great pleasure.

“God boy,” he says.

“………….before I start work sir. Every association has open applications suppose we don’t want to change the letter. We have the right to choose several assemblies, for example, the audio section can be Athletes too, being a boy scout, being a rally group, collecting balls, holding hands with athletes.

“Transforming letters” is an activity. It’s something everyone chose from the beginning. “What do you guys want to be on…is this the side?”

If you do not want to change or do not want to do other activities you can tell the staff. We already have a place we want to go to book…..etc…..

Which everyone might see as Chaturamit is a hot activity? Children sit and change like that. Everything has climatic conditions that change every year.

“But what we get is the same. The really good thing is that everyone has a relationship with each other. I have one friend. During the time I was in Mathayum 2

At the time, I was an employee and heard this from a friend. He said….he was sitting down and suddenly changing his clothes. Peep…he’s talking to a friend. One day has passed. I made over 20 friends again.

Even though we’re sitting here next to each other, we’re just friends. And my friend is playing with the phone. Hey.. the battery is dead. I would like to borrow the one on the edge and the middle.

Do you see that in addition to being able to participate in activities? You can watch football for free too. I enjoyed playing with the staff too. And be able to make friends as well

Which is all like saying we lived together getting to know the character of this friend, plus we will have contacts when we grow up, and in the case of our work we will have work colleagues.

Seriously, friends at Chaturamit. They are very close to each other more easily than other schools….

Hey, rose garden? Ah… here we are… which can be friends with all four schools

When it was over, we were definitely good friends and worked well together. It will lead to growth. Be a good adult and continue developing the country.”


Position in the vision “Chatoramite Child”

As I grew up, I became a good adult. Continue to develop the country.”

The bottom line is…

“Last match” of the first round yesterday (November 15, 2023) Chaturamit football results between “Children of the Varang Temple”

“Bangkok Christian-Chung Ko Muang” duel with “Assumption-Red Eagle”

Result: The Red Eagle has broken wings

He went on to compete in the third place finals with “Thepsirin – Luk Mae Rumpei”

As for the final match, it will be between “Bangkok Christian vs. Suwankolarp”

‘The World Stopped’ Football Match: These two duos will be showing off their leg feathers on Saturday 18th November at Suba Stadium from 1:00pm onwards.

Bangkok Christian has won the tournament 8 times. Will Swan Deck be able to compete with Wat Deck? I’ve seen awards from seniors. Perhaps the most stubborn.

Well, “someone’s boyfriend-boyfriend” goes together to cheer up early in the day, but don’t hit and hit each other to “compete over your girlfriend”!

I’d like to end in the spirit of the Red Eagle, let’s be a little proud of each other.


Thanavon Puranosut

Praise in the spirit team.

Supermarket Football Festival

Although the opportunity to search for the throne of King Chaturamit 🦅

Red Eagle Army.. will be finished before anyone else ❌

But I want to tell you guys that

Guys, be proud of this for once in your life.

Play the football you love…in the sacred square.

In front of the elite black FIFA shirts

In front of football fans from 4 short-legged institutions

There are more people coming from watching the national team.

On television, it is broadcast live to 178 countries around the world

Who said it’s all over?

The journey of football life… has just begun.

It tastes bittersweet.

There are victories and losses mixed for us to fight.

There is only one game left to compete for third place, and there is nothing to lose.

How much do you have? Put it all in.

The last 90 minutes are full.

Because if we tried our best…it would pass.

There is nothing to regret.

Soar… like an eagle.

Issam, we came to encourage you.

Gatorometer by AC


As for “Flame Eagle”, I would like to say goodbye and fly away to explore for 3 nights!

Someone at the end of the alley

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