Champions League soccer results: Real Madrid beat Dortmund to win 15th championship: PPTVHD36

UEFA Champions League: Real Madrid beat Dortmund 2-0 to win their 15th title.

Edin Tercic leads Dortmund past PSG in semi-finals The game utilizes the attacking trio of Karim Adeyemi, Julian Brandt and Jadon Sancho, with Niklas Fulkrug standing in front of goal.

Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti, who is hoping to win a 15th championship in the tournament, injured his left leg in the second semi-final, which saw Rodrigo paired with Vinicius Jr. and Judd Bellingham, a former team-mate.

“Jude” reveals his dream came true after Real Madrid reached the Champions League final.

Football Analysis! Champions League Dortmund vs Real Madrid 1 June 2024

Dortmund will be second in possession in the 14th minute. But they almost took the lead when Niklas Fulkrug got the ball down first, turned and passed to Julian Brandt, who curled a shot in from the right and the ball sailed past a chance in front of the goal and off the post.

In the 21st minute, Dortmund had another chance when Mats Hummels went through the channel from his own half, the ball reached Karim Ademi who was not offside and dropped to fight with Thibod before Dani Carvajal followed up and blocked the corner.

Two minutes later, Dormond was deemed down before the game. Ian Matsen missed a golden chance to take the lead when Niklas Fulkrug outstretched his legs and fired a shot to the left, which bounced off the post.

Half an hour into the game, despite Real Madrid having the majority of possession. But Dortmund did well with the final score.

In the 41st minute, Marcel Sabitzer took a shot to his right, the ball flew straight at goal, and Thibaut Courtois, who was busy today, got down and saved. He only gave away the corner kick.

4 minutes into first half injury time, Dortmund had a chance from a corner kick. But they couldn't do anything and the first 45 minutes were tied at 0-0.

Real Madrid made a second-half comeback in the 49th minute when Toni Kroos fired a shot to his right, but Gregor Kopel could make no mistake as he brushed it away.

Dani Carvajal attempted a half-century down the right in the 57th minute, but the ball was soft and bounced off Ian Matsen, who helped slow him down, allowing Gregor Goble to collect it in the corner.

In the 63rd minute, Karim Ademi turned to the second post from the left for Niklas Fulcruk to dive in, but Thibaut Courtois moved to keep it out and Dortmund still took the lead.

Then, in the 69th minute, it was a chance for Real Madrid when Jude Bellingham left the ball at the second post, but the ball was narrowly missed by the England star. Unfortunately, this moment is not the leading goal.

In the 72nd minute, Marco Reus, who had just turned 35, was sent off for his final game against Dortmund. It was his 429th game in 12 full seasons with the team, and Kareem Adeyemi was fired.

In the 74th minute, from a corner kick, Toni Kroos opened the scoring, Dani Carvajal swooped in and hit the front post, allowing Real Madrid to ease the pressure and take a 1-0 lead.

In the 78th minute, Real Madrid still hadn't scored, but it went to Nico Schlotterbeck. He came to prevent the ball from going outside the post

In the 80th minute, Toni Kroos shot to the right from the pre-kick from the same angle, but Gregor Kopel was still able to save.

In the 83rd minute, Ian Matsen intercepted a pass and the ball fell to Jude Bellingham, who passed it to Vinicius Jr., who shot to his left.

In the 87th minute, Niklas Fulkrug headed in, but he was already offside.

During 5 minutes of injury time, Real Madrid won 2-0 to win the UEFA Champions League or the biggest European club cup, increasing the record of all-time Dortmund, entering the final for the third time and waiting for the second championship after winning the first in 1997. However, the two teams will play again next season.

List of first 11 players of both teams
Dortmund (4-2-3-1) :
Gregor Kopel – Julian Reisson, Mats Hummels, Niko Schlotterbeck, Ian Matsen – Emre Can, Marcel Sa Pitcher – Jaden Sancho, Julian Brandt, Karim Adeyemi – Niklas Fulcrug
Real Madrid (4-3-1-2): Thibaut Courtois – Dani Carvajal, Antonio Rudiger, Nacho Fernandez, Ferland Mendy – Federico Valverde, A Duardo Camavinga, Toni Cruz – Jude Bellingham – Rodrigo, Vinicius Jr.

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