Cars on the road will have a Mad Max: Fury Road spoof

cars On the roada new series based on carsAnd the PixarThe 2006 animated film, debuted on September 8 at Disney Plus. The New trailer for the series It showcases plenty of fun adventures between Lightning McQueen and his friend Mater, but one vignette stands out: A crazy max: way of anger Parody.

Yes, you read correctly. It seems Cars on the road You’ll get an episode—or at least several scenes—dedicated to George Miller’s 2015 masterpiece, Mad Max: Fury Road.

About halfway through the trailer, an Australian accent car and an assortment of metallic reinforcements begin to threaten the Lightning and Mater. The trailer then goes on to show cars that look very familiar to those used in them way of angerAs well as cars that spit out flames and are decorated with nails. There’s even a big truck with a huge loudspeaker and buggies banging on oil drums, similar to the music truck that the guitar-carrying Doof Warrior rides on. way of anger.

It’s really fierce to see him impersonate on a children’s TV show based on a kid’s movie. But you know what they say, you’re never too young to ride, shiny, and chrome.

.’s broader story Cars on the road is that Mater is going on a round trip across the country to attend his sister’s wedding, and Lightning agrees. The trailer shows plenty of other weird adventures, like a car circus, a T-Rex car, and a car… ghosts, but none quite up to the mark. way of anger homage, allegiance or respect.

The big question in the trailer is how much Mad Max content Cars on the road? Fans won’t be able to answer that until the series debuts after appearing on Disney Plus in just over a month.

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