Capitals say Alex Ovechkin officially has an upper body injury

Captain Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin It appears to have avoided serious injury.

The next morning after Ovechkin crashed hard into the terminal boards at the Capital One Arena, Capitals said Ovechkin was out “day after day.”

Ovechkin missed the crucial penalty shootout, overtime, and the final 17:57 of the match after being fouled by Leafs goalkeeper Erik Kallgren during a poke check. Ovi He fell awkwardly and slammed his left shoulder and slammed his head into the end panels. Ovechkin writhes in pain on the ice before skating under his power.

TJ O’Shea He was optimistic after the match He said he spoke with Ovi before speaking to the press.

“I mean, I’ve never met anyone stronger than that guy,” O’Shea said. “We all hope he’s OK. I just spoke to him and I think he’s going to be OK. It’s always scary seeing the Big Eight go down and lie on the ice. Like I said, he’s a tough guy. But if there’s anyone I can imagine who’s going to be missed.” [no] More than he needs, it would be 8.”

Ovechkin got his full gear and took part in the Capitals team photo in training on Monday.

Banner photo: Amanda Bowen/RMNB

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