By revealing his latest debt balance, Jokaboom knows what he did wrong. He's like this because he's ambitious.

From the famous funny case Jokaboom Chernim One creditor put up a banner demanding the return of nearly 300,000 baht, so much so that the last name Chernyim was so ridiculed that he was willing to die. Recently, Jackaboom came to sell merchandise at an event. He was interviewed with Chernym duck And Doc neem flower Which

today's work?
Ped: This is the third time in Central Mahachai, it ends on April 24 and goes to Central Salaya on April 30, there are about 15-16 events going to Central Salayas across the country. In addition to the shops, there are also jokes that recreate the funny atmosphere of the café. Viewers were left nostalgic twice as he answered the question. Comedy has a career. Keep choosing funny stories. Today Jukkabum products are selling well. I see that no matter how the Thai people are, the word tolerance is in their hearts.

Want to give Jukkabum a chance?
Duck: I taught him today that we shouldn't deceive ourselves. We deceive ourselves and become afraid. So I went to ask other people to help me scam me. Then go cheat others again. If we did not deceive ourselves, there would be no problems at all. Then you have to give yourself a chance. If you give yourself a chance, people will give you a chance. But people don't give us a chance because we don't give ourselves a chance. Therefore, today everyone can walk through fallen trees. I think all Thai people, all brothers and sisters, forgive, but it's up to us. I taught them two words: Don't fool yourself and give yourself a chance, that's all.

Bow down to Uncle Bede?
Jokaboom: First of all, I feel sorry for tarnishing the Cherniim family name. Hurt by our mistakes. It's bigger than anything that can be compared, I'm so sorry, and what's saddest is that I know that Father Bede loves me very much. He loved me more than anyone else, and I made Father Bede sad (voice trembled, tears burst), and I felt even more sorry. Apologize even if you say it a hundred or a thousand times. It wasn't enough for what I did.

Today I feel that what I did was a real mistake, a big mistake, and I must apologize to everyone involved. Please apologize to Mai Bona. I apologize to all the people I owe money to. I did everything wrong, I admit I was really wrong.

Today is the day I have a new opportunity. I got a new life from the most generous person in my life. Let my older brother stand back and focus on earning a living so that he can quickly use all of his income to pay off his debts. Then I'll follow every word my father taught me. It won't make Father Duck sad. I will definitely not repeat this type of event again. Anything that was done wrong will get better, I will erase the old pictures that everyone remembers, and I will be a new jackaboom for everyone to see (crying).

How much debt is left?
Jokaboom: About 500,000 baht, I think if I set my sights on making a living, selling fermented fried fish, coming to events with Father Bede, not closing myself in, not maintaining myself, and going out and working hard to earn a living. . I think I can definitely find the money to pay him back. In this work, the intention is that a portion of the income, less expenses, will gradually be given to Mai Puna and to others as well. Because there are a lot of people whose money I use for. I will definitely take every baht I get from selling things and gradually give it back to everyone.

The current is very strong. Can we sell things?
Jokaboom: At first I was afraid. The trend was strong and I didn't dare sell things. I closed myself. But whatever makes me feel good, I told myself I would just come and lie down. I can't stay at home anymore. My religion is definitely not going away. Fight me hard and get out of bed. Let's focus on making a living. And then let everyone see that I was really trying to make a living by selling things and would actually use the money to pay off debt.

I believe that if everyone saw my effort, everyone would have given me an opportunity, a job and a place where I could make a living and expand into different things, and my attendance at this event exceeded my expectations. And of all the people who came to buy my stuff, most of them would come to offer encouragement and support and be kind to everyone. I really want to thank you from my heart.

Can I still contact all my creditors now?
Jokaboom: You can call everyone. (All arrangements have been made to pay off gradually?) Of course, the day I meet the big media people again is the day I pay off all my debts. I will definitely come back and tell you. (Will you clear over $500,000 in debt this year?) That's right. Returns every fade and every satang

Bede: If I had a job, I would leave it to you. I think Thai society gives us opportunities and opportunities. The word tolerance is always available to Thai people. I came to ask the kids and ask them if anyone had stopped by the Jokaboom store. Did he say anything to Jucaboom? It seems that he was not asked about the past matter at all. There is no reason for this, there is only encouragement and support to buy.

It came on sale at 11:00 AM. I arrived no later than 1:00 PM. All Jukkabum products are sold out. This is kindness. The opportunity contained may not have the cost. I probably bought at least 60-70 of them, but it all started. Give him a chance, and P'Der will arrange it for him. Please help him buy a fish. Me and my brother, please help him buy the fish. Invest in it.

De: Okay, give me the chance to invest 10,000 baht. We should give it a chance. When we have the opportunity to give

Duck: We'll help buy fish for Jokaboom to sell.

What do you say about your appointment now?
Jokaboom: I would like to clarify here. Previously, when I said that I would be ordained I actually mentioned that I would solve all the problems first. At that time, everyone probably misunderstood this. I also apologize for the misunderstanding. I will never be ordained. I believe that when all the stories are resolved I have paid off everyone's debts. I would like to have peace of mind. Give yourself time to review everything about making past mistakes. I really intend to become a monk, and I think it will be within this year. Pay off all debts first.

Duck: Pay off your debts first. We'll talk about that later. Even bigwigs in the comedy industry offered encouragement. I don't want to push Jokaboom over the edge all together. We are trying to pull him out of the abyss. Walk to the safest area. We can help in any way we can. Both are all encouragement but Jokaboom shouldn't kid himself. And using yourself to deceive others is not hurting yourself. And bring yourself to harm others. Do not close yourself off from opportunities. And take the opportunity to hurt others that's all I ask.

Did you get a chance to talk to Mai Bona?
Jokaboom: We haven't had a chance to talk yet. Well, after completing this work, the team and seniors will help in coordination. Then he proceeded with the matter of gradually giving the money to Mai Puna. (Are you worried about finances?) No, this kind of thing won't happen again. It's something I aspire to. I was ambitious in my desire for money, but I was wrong, I was really wrong.

The cases that were filed have now been withdrawn or what?
Jokaboom: Actually withdraw the complaint, I don't want it to go to court. I would be happy to withdraw my complaint. I don't want the story to be too big.

Have you been approached by working in the industry?
Jokaboom: Even now, if I still see that I can work for everyone. You can contact me to use it. Because now besides selling things they also play music at night in bars. After I finished selling things around 8pm, I had to play music until 2 or 3am. If any store is interested in my work there, they can contact me. Willing to do anything now that I get the money.

Do you still think there's a chance?
Jokaboom: I think it's up to the adults to decide. Thank you to the community for giving me the opportunity. Thank you, adults. Thank you, Aba Beed. Thank you very much to everyone who gave us the opportunity. Like I said, if you still see me, I can still work if you trust me. You can contact me for business. I am happy to serve you all.

De: Wherever you are, there's no problem. The problem does not exist with us.

What would you like to say to the people watching us now?
Jokaboom: Well, I accept all the mistakes I've done to myself. I don't blame anyone. But I want everyone to believe in me. In what I made a mistake, as I said, it came out of ambition. My own ambition, but from now on these events will not happen. It will not repeat itself. There will never be anything like this for everyone to see again.

From now on, it will be Jackaboom who looks to earn a living, make money, pay off debts, save money, and collect gold. And he came back to stand in the Chernim family creating laughter creating entertainment for my brothers and sisters who still loved my sense of humor and still do. I will make your smile return as beautiful as it was before. I apologize for damaging the reputation of all our comedian brothers and sisters. I am truly sorry from my heart. Nothing like this will ever happen again.

Bed: I would say that I would like to give Jokaboom a chance to redeem himself, and I would like to give everyone a chance in every community, whether it is a comedy community or brothers and sisters in a funny family. Or in the family of all entertainment open the space and ask him to show his abilities. What opportunity will he have, how will he act? If he can go, you can support him. Ask him to try to adapt so that he opens himself up to opportunities first. Let him do that first. If he can do it, we will support him.

Maybe it's the last chance?
Jokaboom: I will do my best. Do everything so that it comes out in the best possible way. Alalala and then I'm happy and ready to compensate and improve myself the best I can. Thank you so much for every opportunity.

Do you have any plans to go ask for forgiveness from Mai Bo Na?
Jokaboom: Yes, we talked to the elderly, and we don't want society to look at us as aggressive children. We don't want society to think that we are children who forget to be grateful to people. Which Mai Bo Na gave us the opportunity to come in. We went to do it with Mai Bo Na. Asked whether this is a mistake or not, it is indeed a mistake. There will definitely be a chance for me to ask Mai Bona for forgiveness. Ready to bow down sorry for everything that happened.

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