Bucklock doesn’t skimp on Mike, often taking off his shirt to show off his body, which is considered colorful in this industry. Gradually we are learning.

Playing the lead role in the hottest Korean version of “VIP Rak Son Chu” on Channel One 31. The young heroine “Pooklook-Fonthip Watcharatrakul” talks about the heat of having to star opposite the main hero, Pong-Nawat, and updates the story. the story. Spice the real hero in my heart, Mike Vataradet, who recently took pains to take off his shirt to show off his muscular physique. Join the “VIP FIRST PRE VIEW” event. Watch the first two episodes of “VIP Rak Son Suea” SF WORLD CINEMA, Central World.

Starting with your role in “VIP Rak Sorn Suea”, how difficult was it?

“He was asked how to interpret this character because the Korean version was very good. In the end, we will understand the way Thai people think. I believe this version will appeal to Thai people and Thai women.”

Playing with Bong Nuat Many people think about love scenes?

“Nothing at all. The thing that happened was that we almost broke up. So there aren’t a lot of scenes like that.

Do you regret that?

“No, I survived. I’m afraid…I’m really afraid he’ll play pong (laughs).”

When I had to play a role where I had to meet a guy like this Are you afraid in real life of what would happen if something like this happened?

“If this is real life, then quit. You don’t need to know who’s having an affair. The important thing is that if you want to know, you just hire an investigator and quit. No headaches.”

We probably won’t meet guys like this in real life, right?

“I don’t know (smiles). There is nothing. Now the love story goes on and on. There is nothing shocking. He is someone who has always been consistent. That is, there is nothing better. But nothing has been worse. From the first day we met Even today, everything is still the same.”

Also, our men try to take off their shirts to show off more often, so are they jealous?

“We love it and encourage its removal. “It’s the color of the industry. Don’t be jealous. why are you jealous? It’s just a six pack. We ourselves did not show it. “We show it all the time too (smiles). If we criticize him, we won’t have the space we can use. But seriously, even if it’s not about himself, he trains hard. When he shows it off and people admire him, it encourages him to take care of his body.” “Better. Plus, he’s someone who already knows the rhythm. It doesn’t go down constantly.”

Conversely, when we post sexy photos, do they react to them?

“If it’s sportswear, it doesn’t work. But if a dress worn for one occasion has a deep slit, it will be so for many occasions in a row. He must have sensed that it was going to get big soon. Someone must have Slap it up a little. When going to an event, they will be sent clothes to look at and help them choose. For example, today’s outfit was quickly approved because it was a turtleneck sweater.

But see through?

“When it was on mobile, I didn’t know. I bought it and didn’t tell them, so I just wore it.

Our husband says they are not the glamorous couple in the media. When you’re together, are they romantic?

“Nothing at all. We feel his attraction when we don’t talk but he takes care of us. Not like today we have flowers for you. But it was a good feeling knowing I was having labor pains. He warned me not to eat like this tomorrow. Please help take care of your health “

But there is no shortage of important days?

“No, this is a specific formula that has to be done. It’s been forced from the first day we knew each other, at first the standards were high. But now the standards are starting to drop because it’s harder to find men.

Fans are wondering when will there be good news?

“I actually thought that I should be asked a lot of questions. Because everyone around us is gradually getting married, but it is good that we will be able to be a space for single people. Work that is a product related to celibacy will come to us.

Don’t want to wear a wedding dress?

“It’s already worn out (laughs). But like I said, I’m not really in a rush. We feel like we’re still enjoying the life we’re living. I haven’t thought about settling down with anyone yet.”

What if Mike came and proposed right away? Are we ready?

“It shouldn’t come right away. There should be preparation. It’s a planning version of life.

Have you thought about depositing your eggs in advance?

“Well, we didn’t want to have kids anyway, so we weren’t in a rush. Because the real kids are two dogs.”

Let’s wait and see more?

“Wait and see, then I’ll invite you guys. Sorry, you guys haven’t invited you yet.” We already invited the seniors (laughs). We’re not in a rush yet, but one day we’ll have to be invited because we’re beautiful (shakes hair).”

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