Brock Purdy is still paying his dues, earning respect as the 49ers’ new starting quarterback

Although Brock Purdy has since become a household name Take on the role of starting quarterback for the 49ersthe newbie knows he still has to pay his dues.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday, Purdy was asked about his ability to command the 49ers’ locker room as a rookie and explained that he’s still working to earn his NFL stripes, despite acting and playing like a seasoned veteran.

“Yeah, I feel like one, my goal was to earn the respect of the guys who’ve been here, and as a rookie you can’t just come in and be a cool guy and try to act like you’re the guy already, so I’m just trying to do my part, pay my dues and earn my stripes,” Purdy said. “This still hasn’t changed. I still have to do that kind of thing as a rookie now, but it was all like, man, I’m going to go in and support my quarterbacks, and race them and push them to make them better.”

“And if the opportunity presents itself, obviously make the most of it. And I feel like the guys have seen that, the older guys have seen that, and they respect that. And so I appreciate them for that. And frankly, we all want to win, and if that takes a quarterback Up, so be it. You know, that kind of thing.”

Make the most of it for sure.

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After taking on the role of veteran quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in the 49ers’ Week 13 win over the Miami Dolphins, Purdy completed 58 of his 84 pass attempts (69 percent) for 612 yards with seven total touchdowns and only one interception.

If Purdy continues to play well and lead the 49ers to a deep playoff run, his dues will be paid sooner rather than later.

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