‘Bridgerton’ season two: Why didn’t we watch Kate and Anthony’s wedding?

as much as Bridgeton Fans love the song “Kantony” and their slow-moving love affair, and a number of fans have expressed regrets on social media and beyond for not seeing the knot. season 2.

Instead, the hit Netflix series quickly delivered six months after Kate and Anthony’s invisible wedding and extended honeymoon. Executive Producer and Show Director Chris Van Dusen He explains why he didn’t show the lovebirds she felt right after the meltdown of Anthony and Edwina’s huge wedding.

During the above party we saw Kate as a bride in Anthony’s daydreams… until Edwina realized the truth and canceled the wedding.

“With tonal speaking, we wondered how Kate and Anthony’s wedding would compare,” Van Dusen explains to TVLine. “The Queen sponsored Edwina and Anthony’s wedding, and she wouldn’t have done it twice. There are also Kate and Edwina’s bonds. Her sisterly love story with Kate was just as important as the main love story between Anthony and Kate.”

Thankfully, Edwina (played by Charithra Chandran) forgave Kate and Anthony, but giving it more depth also meant she didn’t attend the wedding between the man Edwina was previously engaged to and her sister.

In return, fans will have to imagine that Kanthony threw a small and intimate party with little or no family members present. Of course, there’s always that daydream going on, which is a guarantee of more “Kanthony” love in Season 3 and maybe even some flashbacks.

Although we don’t know if Edwina will be back, we do know that she has held her head up high with Queen Charlotte, and possibly the Queen’s nephew, to support her future steps.

“Edwina would become a fully realized character on the show. Anything else would turn her into a prop,” Van Dusen imagines. “Her book version was a lot less distant. I didn’t want her to be just a prop. I wanted her to have feelings and thoughts. I like Episode 6 so much, which is why after she wasn’t married we saw Edwina being kind to the Queen and the King. Edwina is kind by nature.”

How do you feel about not seeing a Canthony wedding Bridgeton? Do you hope to reminisce about the big day in Season 3? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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