Brazil: The Bolsonaros saw each other on Instagram, rumor has it


BrazilThe Bolsonaros have been seeing each other since Instagram, and the rumor is spreading

The outgoing president and his wife no longer follow each other on social media, signaling a marital crisis. The story has something to do with Thalavi’s son, who is at odds with Siddhi.

Michelle Bolsonaro was the first member of the family to speak after Sunday’s loss.


No, Jair and Michelle Bolsonaro are not on the verge of a divorce. At least that’s what the future former first lady of Brazil said. Michelle Bolsonaro on Monday denied rumors of problems with her husband, who was defeated in the second round of the presidential election the night before. Rumors swirled in the morning when netizens noticed that the Instagram profiles of the far-right president and his wife were no longer “following” each other.

Instagram screenshot

“Jair has explained on several occasions that he is not the one who manages (his accounts) on this social network. My husband and I are united, we believe in God and we believe in everything that is best for Brazil,” 40-year-old Michelle Bolsonaro wrote in an Instagram story. “We will always be together, We will love each other, in joy and in sorrow… May God bless our nation”, added this ardent evangelist.

It was the first public reaction by a member of the Bolsonaro family since Sunday night’s election defeat, in which the defeated president He was quiet. It is common in Brazil for Carlos Bolsonaro, one of the Brazilian president’s sons, to access his father’s social media accounts. In March 2019, he apologized for posting a message on the head of state’s Twitter account without his permission.

Tight ties

Michel Bolsonaro and the president’s second son, Carlos, did not get along. The first lady has criticized her son-in-law for being too involved in the pairing she is forming with Jair Bolsonaro. According to MetropolisesIt was the 39-year-old Brazilian who was fired from his stepfather’s job using his father’s Instagram account. She disclosed the facts to her husband, who washed his hands of them. Furax, Michelle Bolsonaro later stopped following her husband’s account on the social network.

Hours after the first lady clarified on Instagram, it was the president’s eldest son Flavio Bolsonaro’s turn to break the silence. “Thank you (…) to those who gave the best score in my father’s lifetime” in the election. “We will hold our heads high, we will not leave Brazil!” he tweeted.

Jair Bolsonaro, 67, became Brazil’s first president to lose a re-election bid. He was narrowly defeated, receiving 49.1% against Lula’s 50.9%. Almost 24 hours after the results were announced, the outgoing president has yet to acknowledge his defeat.


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