Brazil: Drama at Potato Chip Factory


BrazilA terrible tragedy at a potato chip factory

Last Thursday a 24-year-old employee was taken to a treadmill and then crushed when a machine started up inexplicably.

Rafaela died under the horrified eyes of her colleagues.


On November 17, a terrible tragedy occurred at a chip factory in Berdis (southeast). For some reason to be determined by the investigation, a 24-year-old employee lost his balance and fell on the treadmill. A machine designed to process potatoes into crisps had inexplicably started when it had stopped.

Under the horrified eyes of his colleagues, Rafaela Alves dos Santos was dragged uncontrollably towards the mechanical support. The teenager suffered serious head injuries after being crushed by a potato masher. The other employees did not understand why the machine suddenly started working.

Working conditions condemned

According to her mother, Rafaela moved to the area with her older sister and her cousins ​​to give her a better life. “The Sun”. The Brazilian said he only learned of the terrible news from the media, not from his daughter’s employers. Bem Brasil Alimentos has launched an internal investigation. The funeral of the young woman was held on November 19.

On Twitter, a trade unionist and federal deputy condemned the working conditions imposed on the Brazilian. “Rafaela Alves is another victim of a dehumanizing capitalist work system that “commodifies” people,” said Joao Alves angrily.

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