BLACKPINK's Jennie released a statement apologizing for smoking e-cigarettes in the building. Blowing smoke in front of the team

BLACKPINK's Jennie released a statement apologizing for smoking e-cigarettes in the building and blowing smoke in front of staff. After facing the drama, it was seen as inappropriate and illegal, and they pointed out that it affected other people.

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It immediately became a dramatic issue. For the case of the Korean singer Jenny Band member Black pink After launching a behind-the-scenes vlog in Italy. But in one of the shots in the clip, a shot of him smoking is shown.Electronic cigarettesIn the building and smoke was rising. While the makeup artist was putting on her makeup

This event caused resentment and criticism from both fans and netizens. Jennie Blackpink Many together many people consider it inappropriate. It is also illegal to smoke in places where smoking is prohibited or inside buildings in Korea. Although it is not illegal in Italy, it is noted that such measures have an impact on people who inhale e-cigarette smoke as well. Later, it was found that the clip had been deleted and re-uploaded. The part where Jennie smoked an e-cigarette was cut out.

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Latest (July 9, 2024) OA Entertainment Jennie's agency has released a statement of apology and clarification regarding the matter that actually happened via social media on all platforms that

“Hello, this is OA Entertainment.

We would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who was offended by Jennie's actions in the clip that was released two days ago.

Jenny realizes her mistake and is deeply sorry regarding smoking inside the building and the potential danger to other employees, and Jenny has personally apologized to all employees.

We would like to apologize to her fans for the disappointment caused by this incident. We hope to prevent such a thing from happening again in the future.

Thank you”

While on social media, the said post was shared a lot.

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