BLACKPINK's Jennie receives heavy criticism for 'vaping' in closed area and blowing smoke at the team

Jennie Blackpink He was caught smoking an e-cigarette in a closed room. The clip was later deleted.

become a hot topic Jennie Blackpink She was heavily criticized after a clip went viral where she was caught smoking an e-cigarette (pot) and blowing smoke in front of her hairdresser in a closed-off dressing room. The clip comes from a vlogger, a behind-the-scenes video that she wrote herself. Before it was later deleted

Blackpink Jennie Jennie smokes pot Jennie sucks pot Jennie smokes pot

This has caused severe criticism. Jennie Blackpink He will be 28 and can smoke. But smoking in enclosed areas and you are still surrounded by people like other employees who will be affected by secondhand smoke including smoking in buildings or enclosed areas. It is also illegal in South Korea and Italy. (Where this clip was filmed)

Netizens' Comments on the DramaJenny smokes e-cigarettes

  • I was amazed by 1. Smoking during work hours 2. Smoking in an enclosed space 3. Blowing smoke in other people's faces 4. This clip was not secretly taken by anyone, I posted it myself.
  • Well, I've been a fan of Jennie's for 5 years, almost 6 years, and this time I felt it was inappropriate because I myself don't like people who smoke in public. How many people have fallen for something like this? Really No comments
  • The shocking thing isn't that he smokes. It's that he blows smoke in other people's faces.
  • You know where it's great? It's nice that they blame the person who posted the clip for putting this out there. But I don't blame artists for doing things they shouldn't have done.
  • Dudebot Men's Squad = Wow, you bad boy should go to hell, his nature is evil. Real man's nature. It's definitely lung cancer, a real man's condition. Black Lungs / Dudebot Women's Squad = Yeah but if the makeup artist didn't apply it, it's no problem. Maybe drink some vitamin C. Or maybe smoke something to help you relax.
  • If it was an artist from the pink building or the hippie building, they would have been scolded severely, tens of thousands of baht, seven days and seven nights non-stop. I want to know if this person would be calm because it's the same case where there were artists who were scolded for smoking/sucking enough in the building and I do this while wearing makeup as well.
  • This actual clip summary is not good enough. Smoking in front of others is really bad. In Capri's vlog on YouTube, Jenny posted it herself. But due to some controversy, it was cut and re-posted instead. This is a digital video from another React channel where this clip was not cut.

Blackpink Jennie Jennie smokes pot Jennie sucks pot Jennie smokes pot

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