Billie Eilish has paused another live performance to check on her fans’ safety in New York

Singer Billie Eilish was performing in New York City over the weekend when she urged audiences to “sit down” if they needed to, and take some time to adjust.

In a video shared by TMZ, she said, “If you want to sit down, you’re allowed. Go ahead, sit down, take a breath.”

In the video, she also asked the fans in the front to “take a step back and give everyone a space here,” as reports.

The incident It comes after Eilish halted her show at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this month when she spotted an audience member struggling to breathe and pleaded with her crew for a fan inhaler.

After helping an audience member, Eilish resumed Displays“I wait for people to be okay so I can continue,” she said.

This remark was seen as dissenting in Travis, who went on to perform at the Astroworld Festival in November when people were crushed into a crowd leaving hundreds injured and ten dead.

Following her comments, Kanye West threatened to pull out of this year’s Coachella Festival – where they were both booked headlines If you don’t apologize to Travis Scott for the obvious pass.

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