Big surprise! Jack, my friend, kneels down to give Paimon a ring on his birthday.

Big surprise! Jack, my friend, kneels down to give Paimon a ring on his birthday.

It’s a good story. “Jack, my friend.” Today the world is bright and pink with a young heroine. “Paimon Kitiya” She came in to take care of him until he became crazy in love at this hour, this young man “Jack” He once said in an interview that he thought about marriage and that women want to prepare for marriage too.

The latest one was girl Paimon’s birthday and young man Jack organized a big surprise by kneeling down to deliver a cake and a pre-ordered branded ring. He posted a picture and a message saying… “Berry is my birthday today. I would like to make a reservation for you. #May you be cute like this forever. #Let’s be together for a long time 10/29/66 #Thank you, my dear friend Nikki. Thank you, brother Per Bayoki, thank you, brother Yuet, thank you, brother Chaturong. Thank you P’Not Junior, thank you P’Yo, thank you P’ Fei, thank you P’ Pae, thank you Mae Kung, thank you Om and Director Om and all the crew, they really showed up to shoot a movie for 20 days in Japan. I’m really tired, but the fatigue is gone today. #Waiting to continue watching Manchester United 555555555”

While the girl “Bae Moon” immediately posted a response, saying…I said yaaas! 10/29/2023 Happy birthday this year. Thanks to everyone who participated. a surprise This time, everyone was so nice. Thank you, my brother Jack, my kind person. Since I met you. I am happy every day. I love you.”

Of course, the gang that supported this duo, such as “Nikki Nashat,” came to comment, saying, “8 hours back and forth for both of you. I love you.” As for the young man, “Toy Pathompong” came in expressing, congratulations to both of them. for you. Close friend Vern Vasakorn commented happily with the couple and many fans came to congratulate the couple. The news team would like to congratulate young Jack Fan Chan and young Bai Moon as well.

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