Biden urges the world to stand united against Russia in his address to the United Nations

President Biden accused Russia of “shamelessly violating the UN Charter” during a speech to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, denouncing the war in Ukraine and slamming the Russian president.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

to hint at him Nuclear weapons can be used In the conflict there.

Biden’s speech at the annual meeting in New York City came after Putin used a patriotic address on Wednesday To increase the probability of a nuclear reaction In the conflict and ordered reservists to mobilize after losses on the battlefield.

Almost seven months into the conflict, Ukraine made gains With a quick counterattack, Russia has struggled to oppose Ukraine and the West. Mr. Biden sought to rally other nations against Russia, saying, “This world must see these atrocities for what they are.”

Let’s talk frankly: a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council invaded his neighbor, and tried to wipe the sovereign state off the map. “Russia has unabashedly violated the basic principles of the United Nations Charter,” Biden said, referring to the 15-member group that can issue binding resolutions. Russia retains its permanent seat and veto in the Security Council.

Mr. Biden called the nuclear threats a “reckless disregard for the responsibilities of the nonproliferation regime.”

Mr. Biden called on the international community to stand against Russia, said the United States would defend the UN Charter and offered support for an increase in the number of permanent and non-permanent representatives to the Security Council, the most powerful body in the United Nations.

Emphasizing US efforts to support Ukraine with security and humanitarian assistance, Mr. Biden said the US is working closely with allies to impose costs on Russia.

“If countries can pursue their imperial ambitions without consequences, we risk everything that this particular institution represents, everything,” he added.

Biden also announced $2.9 billion in additional global food security assistance In the midst of a food shortage Partly because of the war. He noted US efforts to combat climate change.

A senior administration official said the National Security Council was aware that Mr. Putin might make an announcement. Biden reviewed his address Wednesday morning with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan after Putin spoke earlier on Wednesday, and some lines were “modified and emphasized,” the official said.

Like many leaders who attended the meeting, Mr Biden was in the UK on Monday Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. He returned to Washington on Monday evening and traveled to New York on Tuesday evening. He will return to Washington on Thursday.

The president’s New York schedule also includes a meeting with new British Prime Minister Liz Truss, who is expected to focus on economic issues and Ukraine, as well as Mr. Biden’s concerns about upholding the Good Friday peace agreement in Northern Ireland as part of the Brexit deal. Mr. Biden and First Lady Jill Biden will also host a reception for world leaders at the American Museum of Natural History.

Neither Mr. Putin nor Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the annual meeting of the United Nations.

Without providing evidence, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that senior NATO officials had said it would be acceptable to carry out nuclear strikes on Russia. He threatened to use nuclear weapons and ordered the country’s reserve forces to mobilize. Photo: Russian Presidential Press Service/Kremlin via Reuters

Nearly seven months after Russia invaded Ukraine, the White House recently encouraged push Ukraine east. Ukraine launched an offensive to reclaim territory in the northeast of the country earlier this month, Moscow stinging defeat and the liberation of about 10% of the territory occupied by Russia since the beginning of its conquest.

Without providing evidence, Putin said on Wednesday that senior NATO officials had said it would be acceptable to carry out nuclear strikes on Russia. He threatened to use nuclear weapons and ordered the country’s reserve forces to mobilize.

Officials in the Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine announced plans this week Russia will have four regions In the east and south of the country. Mr. Sullivan denounced these referendums as “sham referendums” and said the United States would not recognize Russia’s claims to any annexed territories.

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The United States recently announced $675 million in new military aid to Ukraine and $2 billion in additional funding to that country and other countries in the region. ads brought Total US Military Assistance to Ukraine to more than $15 billion under the Biden administration, most of it given since the Russian invasion in February.

Mr. Biden also reiterated US support for a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians. He emphasized US support for human rights. He reiterated his support for the “one China” policy at a moment of strained relations with China.

A source of concern for the president as he acknowledges other leaders Counter the influence of China. Mr. Xi met Mr. Putin last week, during which Mr. Putin said he sought to speak Beijing’s fears of the Ukraine war.

In a recent TV interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes,” Biden reiterated comments made by US forces Can defend Taiwan In the event of the Chinese invasion. These statements sparked criticism from Beijing in Time to escalate tensionsEspecially after the Speaker of Parliament Nancy Pelosi (D., California) Travel to the island On the strong objections of mainland China.

Officially, the United States Maintains a policy of “strategic ambiguity” Regarding Taiwan, the United States has generally refrained from saying whether it would intervene directly in the event of an invasion by China. The White House said its policy on Taiwan has not changed.

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