Biden says he’s strengthened by the midterm elections

Democrats won the seat they needed to retain control of the Senate on Saturday. It was a decisive victory for the continuation of the presidency of Joe Biden, which definitively buried the Republican hope of a “red tide”.

Four days after the midterms, US media reported that Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto had won the key state of Nevada. The incumbent narrowly defeated Adam Laxalt, a candidate backed by former President Donald Trump, according to US television networks.

His re-election brings the number of Democrats elected to the Senate to 50 to 100, allowing Joe Biden’s party to control the upper house of Congress. According to the Constitution, Vice President Kamala Harris has the power to decide between senators.

Adoption of laws is hampered

Democrats can still win one seat in the state of Georgia, where a runoff will be held on December 6. Republicans, who fell short of expected waves during this vote, look set to regain their majority in the House of Representatives, which is traditionally unfavorable to the governing party.

They should use it to launch numerous congressional investigations into Joe Biden’s administration or people close to him. But without the Senate, they cannot pass laws contrary to its purposes, especially on abortion or the climate, and cannot block the appointments of judges, ambassadors, and government officials.

Additionally, their victory promises to be much shorter than reported. NBC News on Saturday morning predicted a slim five-seat majority for Republicans, with 220 electors to 215 for Democrats. Nearly 20 pollsters have yet to deliver their verdict, however, mainly in California.

Buoyed by high inflation, Republicans have long believed they have a boulevard ahead of them to win back both houses in traditionally tough elections for the governing party.

Backlash to Trump

Their disappointing results have sparked outrage among elected officials in Congress and the possibility of settling accounts. In a letter disclosed by Politico, several Trumpist senators are asking to postpone next week’s vote to elect their Senate president, which appears to challenge reelectionist Ten. Mitch McConnell.

“We are all disappointed that a ‘red wave’ (the color of their party, the NLDR) did not materialize, and there are many reasons for this,” they write, wanting to open a debate on the matter. The end of the Republican primary for the Senate marks a setback for Donald Trump, who is expected to announce on Tuesday that he will seek his third bid for the presidency.

Already, on Friday, the Democrats won in Arizona, where the outgoing Mark Kelly defeated the Republican plague masters, who had the strong support of the former head of state, who has not yet recognized his defeat.


Hurt by this setback in Arizona, adding to his other defeats in his campaigns, the Republican billionaire once again shouted “election fraud,” refusing to acknowledge the verdict of the polls, as he has done since losing the 2020 presidential race.

While his influence in the Republican Party is undeniable, he actually comes out weakened in the midterm elections and prefers to move quickly to pull the rug out from under his rivals. Among them is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who was re-elected with victory and is the new star of the hard right.

His win didn’t escape the chained billionaire of spades and sarcasm against the man he nicknamed “Ron-la-Morelle” this week. And, calendar coincidence or not, Tuesday will also be the day that Donald Trump’s other potential rival, his former Vice President Mike Pence, releases a memoir.

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