Biden arrives in Florida, battered by Hurricane Ian

“We’re with you, and we’re here to show that all of America is with you”: Joe Biden pledged his support Monday for the U.S. territory in the Caribbean that was devastated by Hurricane Fiona and sometimes feels neglected. .

Before the president spoke, under leaden and ominous skies, the island’s governor, Pedro Pierluisi, summed up the sentiments of the 3 million or so American citizens who live in this impoverished territory, have a dollar for currency but no national voting rights. Elections.

“My demands are very simple, Mr. President: We want to be treated like fellow Americans in America in times of need,” he said.

Puerto Rico is grieving at least a dozen deaths following Fiona. The typhoon temporarily cut off water and electricity networks and wiped out reconstruction efforts made since the passage of other deadliest typhoons in 2017.

“not properly observed”

“We’re here to show you that we’re with you, and all of America is with you,” the president assured her in response, accompanied by his wife, Jill Biden.

After leaving the White House, he acknowledged the strike, a similar criticism of his predecessor: “I’m going to Puerto Rico because we’re not taking good care of them.”

Former President Donald Trump has been criticized for what local officials say has been a harsh response by the federal government to nearly 3,000 deaths in Puerto Rico, where the poverty rate exceeds 40%, after Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017. .

In addition to emergency federal aid for relief and debris removal efforts, Joe Biden announced the release of $60 million in funding aimed at strengthening the island’s defenses against rising waters.

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He also promised that the generous aid promised by the U.S. Congress in recent years would be slowly rolled out, “to the nearest dollar.”

After Trump

“Fiona must have been an all-too-familiar nightmare for anyone who survived (Hurricane) Maria,” he said, adding that in early 2020 the island was hit by a major earthquake and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Joe Biden’s visit coincides with Donald Trump’s controversial trip to Puerto Rico on October 3, 2017, after the passage of Hurricane Maria.

The Republican tossed the paper towels like a basketball player. The mayor of the capital San Juan condemned the “disgraceful” gesture.

Florida, hurricanes and elections

Accused of delaying aid to Puerto Rico, the former president positioned himself as the territory’s best friend toward the end of his term.

If residents of Puerto Rico do not vote in US national elections, those who immigrate to the US, particularly politically sophisticated immigrants in Florida, do.

This southern state was also hit by Cyclone Ian which sowed death and destruction in the middle of last week.

On Monday, Florida still assessed significant damage and tallied deaths from one of the most violent storms in recent U.S. history.

While the official death toll is 62, some US media believe the death toll may actually be over a hundred.

By going there on Wednesday, Joe Biden will face a very delicate situation logistically because he wants to go to a particularly affected area and politically.

Florida’s governor is Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, one of Joe Biden’s staunchest critics.

It was unclear Monday whether the two would be side by side during the president’s visit on Wednesday, at a time when political tensions in the U.S. are running high as congressional elections approach in November.

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