Betting On Baseball: Tips To Make Money

You might think that making MLB picks today is just something to do to pass the time, but you can actually use your talents to help you make some money. Betting and baseball have had an interesting past, but it’s completely legal to wager on the sport in most places throughout the world. 

Betting on baseball is a bit different than betting on sports such as basketball or football. Winning picks can still be made, though, especially if you have a good plan and then stick to that plan.

If you are looking to make some money during the upcoming MLB season, then follow these betting tips and tricks to try to help you out. 

Choose a Betting Unit 

Before you even start to look at the MLB matchups that are on the schedule for a particular day, you are going to need to choose a betting unit to use. This betting unit is the amount of money that you are going to use to wager on MLB games, and you should try to use the same unit with every wager. 

When choosing your betting unit, you want to find something that is going to result in a solid payout but also one that won’t break you if you suffer several losses. You can change your betting unit at any time, but you must have a plan. 

Look at Starting Pitchers

There are plenty of different factors that can impact the outcome of an MLB game, but you usually want to start your research by looking at the starting pitching matchup. You can usually figure out the starting pitching matchup days in advance, and that will give you plenty of time to start doing your research. 

Starting pitching matchups can really come into play if you are looking at the over/under or if you are looking at “No Run First Inning Bets” or the leader after 5 innings. You can’t stop researching after looking at the starting pitchers, but it should be the place you start. 

Weather Can Play a Role

A majority of baseball games are played outdoors, and the weather can be a factor when betting on baseball games. It can be hard to predict what the weather will do, but you at least want to check out the weather prediction before you submit a wager. 

Teams can be impacted by weather in a big way, and this can really impact how you bet if you are looking at over/under odds or lines. Don’t spend too much time trying to predict the weather, but keep it in the back of your mind. 

Wait For Lineups to Be Posted

The best time to bet on many sports is as soon as you see the odds posted, but that isn’t the case when it comes to baseball. Most MLB lineups aren’t posted until 3 hours or so before first pitch, and you want to wait until then to get your bets in. 

MLB players are routinely given days off, and that includes some of the best players on each team. You have to show some patience to make sure that you are betting on a team that has its top lineup taking the field that day. 

Change Betting Types

If you are going to win some money when betting on baseball, then you have to be willing to change or use different betting types. You want to take a look at the top betting options first, but you also need to explore the odds for other bets as well.

Prop betting isn’t as popular when it comes to baseball as it is with other sports, but you still need to look at those odds. You always want to look for the most value in odds rather then just trying to make predictions. 

Be Ready to Bet Live

Most of your bets should be made pregame, but you can’t forget about live betting options as well. The top sports bettors would tell you that live betting offers a great opportunity to make some money, especially if you are going to follow along with the action. 

Live betting is a bit different than betting pregame, as you are going to have to get your bets in quickly. You won’t have a ton of time to research if you are betting life, but you can usually find some great value in the odds.

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