Besancon (F): Four soldiers in civilian clothes were shot at


A young man was injured in a handgun attack while returning to the police station with his colleagues in the early hours of the morning.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowded nightclub in Switzerland.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowded nightclub in Switzerland.

Besankan city

Four soldiers in civilian clothes from Operation Sentinel were shot dead after a nightclub early Saturday morning, one of whom was shot in the arm, we learned from prosecutors and police from Besancon.

The four youths were walking back to their police station at around 5am when a car passed them and stopped “20-30 meters ahead”, according to police. The daily says one of the passengers then got out of the vehicle and fired at them three times with a handgun before driving again. Republic East Who revealed the facts. One of the soldiers was shot in the hand, but his main prediction was not confirmed, a police official said.

Mobile unknown

Four soldiers, about twenty years old, who had been recruited in Besancon since the beginning of the week as part of Operation Sentinel, took advantage of the holiday to spend an evening at the discotheque. “According to them, the evening went well. We do not know why the soldiers were targeted, ”police said. Investigations were conducted with departmental security officials.

Restless area

About 300 meters away from the nightclub, without video surveillance, the facts took place in a dimly lit area. “The establishment is known for the difficulties it encounters when leaving, especially for those outside the nightclub to take on the role of customers,” says Besancon’s Barquet site. “There is no evidence to suggest that it was their military quality that targeted them,” the same source added.


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