Bernstein predicts that the Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF market will reach $450 billion

Latest Report Bernstein The biggest growth is predicted in the Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF market, which is predicted to reach 450 billion dollars. More than $100 billion will flow into crypto ETFs over the next two years.

Bitcoin is expected to reach $150,000 in 2025, with a target of $90,000 by the end of the year, according to brokerage analysts Gautam Sukhani and Mahika Sapra. Crypto ETFs highlight the tremendous growth potential in the market.

Ethereum continues to grow.

The crypto market is enjoying a bull run this past week driven by the popularity of Ethereum spot ETFs, with Ethereum in particular seeing significant growth. It is up about 30% in the last week. The increase was due to the final approval of eight ETH spot ETF issuers' 19b-4 filings by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Once these S1 filings get the green light, Ethereum ETF trading will begin on the exchange. The approval officially classifies Ethereum as a commodity. No Security This is one of the biggest debates surrounding the world's second largest crypto.

Bernstein noted that Ethereum is the token used. First approved as a proof-of-stake spot ETF, this approval is a milestone that paves the way for other blockchain assets. This shift from token sales to mainstream financial products will benefit tokens like Solana (SOL) and XRP (XRP), which could follow in Ethereum's footsteps.

Bitcoin will reach $90,000 by the end of this year.

Bernstein's report discusses the Bitcoin market cycle, which they predict will reach $150,000 by 2025, indicating a strong upside. According to analysts, the year-end price target for Bitcoin is set at $90,000.

Recently, Bitcoin price has dropped below two moving averages. This represents the crossover point where the MA50 usually moves below the MA200 “The Cross of Death” This is often interpreted by traders as the possibility of more upward pressure on prices in the market.

However, Bitcoin's current Relative Strength Index (RSI) suggests that it is neither in overbought nor oversold territory. Based on the current market trend, Bitcoin may still face resistance up to $67,900, and if it fails to break $68,000, the price may consolidate further. It may test the lower support level near $66,000.

Source: Cryptopolitan

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