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Berlin: One person was killed and several others were seriously injured after a car rammed into a crowd of people

More than a dozen people were injured, some seriously, when the driver crashed into people on Kurfürstendamm Street, near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, at around 10:30 a.m. local time on Wednesday morning, a police spokesman said. The authorities had earlier given a preliminary estimate of the number of infected 30.

The silver Renault Clio continued down the tree-lined Tauntzenstrasse before veering off the road and crashing through a glass shop window, spokesman Tilo Kaplitz said.

Police and emergency services are securing the area after the accident in Berlin on Wednesday.

“It is believed that a man broke into a group of people. It is not yet known whether it was an accident or an intentional act,” police said on Twitter, adding that the driver was being held at the scene.

Kaplitz said the driver is now being questioned.

Berlin Mayor Franziska Jaffee said in a Twitter post that more than 130 emergency service personnel are on site, and thanked them for their quick response. Videos spread on social media showed a helicopter arriving at the scene.

“I am deeply affected by this incident. We know that there is one dead and several seriously injured. Police are working urgently to clarify the situation,” Jeffrey wrote on Twitter.

Wednesday’s incident occurred near the site of a deadly attack in December 2016, when Anis OmariA Tunisian citizen rammed a truck trailer into a crowded Christmas market, killing 12 people and injuring 48.

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