Bella's best friend reveals the true nature of her new boyfriend Will Chawin? After the talk

It is still being watched. For the story of the young heroine's relationship Bella Rani With a young, handsome businessman from a famous family Will Chaoen Cheravanont Although they have not confirmed their relationship yet. But there is news that can be heard from time to time. Mudam Kachaba previously revealed on the Khao Sai Khai program that the couple met on the plane. When we met, the man didn't know Bella. She is a famous actress because I work in management in an overseas branch in Hong Kong. That was the first time they got to know each other. Since then we have talked continuously. From the above topic everyone spoke with the same voice: It's like fate.

Recently, Ploy, Bella's personal manager, came to congratulate her on opening the record label BEC MUSIC, and gave an interview on the program. Family Entertainment Online said that at the end of this month Bella will come out and tell the whole story herself. But as for me, I admit that I have had the opportunity to meet Mr. Will on some occasions. As for other matters, I prefer Bella to answer herself. If Bella is happy then I am happy too. And I'm glad people are joining in the excitement with Bella.

“For us, she is happy. We are happy. What are you happy about? We are happy this way. I am happy that people are joining in the excitement with me. It shows that everyone loves you. So I want you to be happy. Or whatever your desires come true. I am happy Because everyone is excited together.

Bella is actually a happy person with her life. But now he's very happy, and not a little happy, and I think we'll find out at the end of the month. Because it's going to come out, and it's actually Bella's foundation. When there is any issue he will let you know all the time. I will come and talk to everyone. Therefore, people are watching. No matter what he is we feel like everyone loves us, everyone wants good and wants to know what kind of person he is. “He's happy to tell everyone it just has to be the right time.”

We met Mr. Will. What kind of person is he?

“Ploy has already had the chance to meet. Since Nong Bell itself represents all dimensions of life, Ploy has encountered them all. We are indeed like a family. So there was a chance to meet. Mr. Will is quite similar to the picture. He looks quite clean and well-groomed. For the sake of his own gimmick he looks “It's like we're just getting started. But if you look from the outside, he's quite a decent person. Then he spoke nicely to this Bluey, and from Bill's side everyone should go listen to Bill.”

“Ploy thinks Prom Likhit is a good drama. (Is Pell's life like this?) Is it Pill's life? Ploy also wants it to be like in the drama. But what will it be like? I think at the end of this month, it will probably Little Bill has a job, so please follow Nong Bill's work.”

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