BELGIUM – Its chocolate pomegranate for Ukraine has caused a chill


The idea of ​​a chocolate maker from Cortridge in favor of Ukrainian refugees was not unanimous.

The form of the product shocked some Netizens.

The form of the product shocked some Netizens.


To help the Ukrainian refugees in their own way, a chocolate maker from Cரிrdridge (northwestern Belgium) decided to design a special treat. Nicolas Beugnies then wants to donate a portion of the proceeds to humanitarian organizations. Very good so far. The problem is that Master Chocolate explains that the chosen substance to represent the pomegranate is available in dark, milk or white chocolate.

A choice that some web users consider to be misplaced, even shocking. “You should be ashamed. (…) selling grenades while children are dying, leaving people dead on the streets,” protested one Facebook user. Dying.Why not the Ukrainian national flower sunflower? Another user asks. “Nice try, but I do not think the form is right now”, we can read more.

Touched by these criticisms, Chocolate wanted to explain On the social networkFriday: “The product should be clear and reflect reality. (…) The pomegranate shape caught our attention. It reflects the reality of war zones and sends a strong signal that encourages consumers to think, to think,” Nicholas Buignes explains.

Calculator that justifies itself

The master chocolate maker has also been accused of trying to make money from the suffering of the Ukrainians. To defend himself, he drew a calculator: “We sell a grenade for 5 euros. There is almost 30 cents VAT. So there are 4.70 euros left, the promised amount of 2.50 euros = 2.20 euros. Package 1.77 Euro. Subtract the cost of food, labor, reception, labels and transport if possible, and then we know what’s left. So nothing. ”

The artisan plans to make 2,000 grenades for Ukraine. If he sells all his shares, he will raise 5,000 euros for the 12-12 federation, which will unite several NGOs.


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