Belgium: 30 years after the murder of a teenager, a final call for witnesses


Katrien De Cuyper, 15, was killed in 1991. His family still hopes to know the truth.

Gatrian de Kuiper disappeared in December 1991 in Antwerp.

Gatrian de Kuiper disappeared in December 1991 in Antwerp.


The family of Kathryn de Kuiper and the judicial authorities in Antwerp, Belgium begin the final appeal for the witnesses. The young man was killed thirty years ago in late 1991. Relatives believe the witnesses – or perhaps even the killer, because he is no longer in danger – will come forward as the facts are now being suggested.

Katrien De Cuyper, 15, went missing in Antwerp on December 17, 1991. His body was found in June 1992, in a vacant lot near the port, in a decomposed and advanced condition. Related Information portal 7 out 7. She would have been strangled to death.

No inquiries were made until a person wrote a letter to the weekly “Flick” stating that the teenager had been with the teenager on the evening of the disappearance.

In 2006, the DNA collected in that miss made it possible to return it to its author. He was arrested. The 35-year-old, however, vowed to have nothing to do with the young Katrina’s death and said he wrote the letter “only to make himself interesting”. He was charged with murder, but was remanded in custody four months ago and released due to lack of conclusive evidence against him.

It is now recommended that murder never be clarified. Since no one can be condemned, the family of Catrion de Kuiper hopes to finally find out the truth through this final call for witnesses.

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