Be careful!! Smartwatch data hacked, here’s how to protect it | The Bangkok Insight

The Office of Public Health warns that Smart Watch devices can be hacked. By intercepting the beacon signal, it is recommended to do this and prevent it.

The Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) or ETDA posted on its Facebook page.1212 Etda Subject: Did you know that smart watches can be hacked?

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Data breach

Smartwatch devices connect to smartphones or mobile phones via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. The data sent back and forth between the two devices is called a Beacon, allowing hackers who can intercept Beacon signals to install malware via Bluetooth or insert malicious code into apps on the smartwatch to intercept the information.

If you use the app to pay hackers can also access banking information. And credit card information as well, and knowing what you do in any situation. There is also information about your various conversations.

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We can prevent this before it happens as follows:

1. Enable Bluetooth on all devices only when necessary.

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2. Turn off Smart Watch with other devices without permission.

3. Uninstall unknown applications

4. Update the smart watch software regularly.

5. Turn on PIN-based connection to pair devices for use only.

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