Batman director confirms the mystery character’s identity, and says he’s not a nuisance for the sequel

Batman Director Matt Reeves Confirm this mysterious characteridentification. He says it’s not a tease for a sequel. in conversation with diverseThe director explained that Barry Keoghan plays the role of the Joker. “You’re right,” Reeves told the publication. “It’s the Joker.” However, his other comments will It raises some eyebrows among the people Who was hoping for the Clown Crime Prince to appear in whatever follow-up comes from him Batman. Now, that doesn’t mean fans will never see the character again. But it seems clear that Reeves is not intent on moving in that specific direction in the follow-up. There is no shortage of creative villains in Gotham. In fact, fans just got a big hit from all of those characters during The Batman. There is no kind of threat that The Riddler wash with The end of this movie.

“This is not an Easter egg scene,” he began. “It’s not one of those final credits for Marvel or DC scenes where you’re headed, like, ‘Hey, this is the next movie!'” In fact, I have no idea when or if we’ll return to that character in the movies.”

“I thought it would be really cool if a lot of Gotham’s fabric was already in there,” Reeves added. “And it was like an old gangster movie from Warner Bros. And if you take a certain turn, you might see a character in its origins.”

“I was never really trying to say, ‘Hey, guess what, here’s the Joker. Next movie! “The idea was more to say, ‘Hey, look, if you think the problems are going to go away in Gotham, you can forget about it. It’s already here. And it’s really delicious.'”

Here’s how Warner Bros. describes Reeves’ latest movie:

“A thrilling, action-packed thriller that depicts Batman in his early years as he struggles to balance anger and goodness as he investigates a disturbing mystery terrorizing Gotham. Robert Pattinson offers a raw and intense portrayal of Batman as a desperate, disappointed vigilante awake by realizing that the rage that consumes him doesn’t make him any better.” From the ruthless serial killer who hunts him down.”

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