Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia Cathedral lights up two new towers –

Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia completed its two new towers on Friday for the first time this year. This is a new step in this extraordinary project that started 140 years ago.

The two towers, dedicated to the evangelists Saint Luke and Saint Mark and with two large sculptures in the shape of a bull and a lion, are lit up every year after the traditional Christmas concert held in the basilica designed by a Catalan architect. Anthony Gowdy.

With these two new structures, culminating in a height of 135 meters, eleven of the 18 towers planned for this monumental project are now complete, including half of the six central towers, where the construction team is now focusing its efforts.

The next phase is in 2023

“By the end of 2023, we plan to complete the towers dedicated to Matthew and Jean, which will allow us to open the entire suite dedicated to the Evangelists,” explained Esteve Camps, vice president of this foundation. Press release.

In 2026, the year Barcelona will celebrate the centenary of the great Catalan architect’s death, the construction team plans to complete the Tower of Jesus Christ, which will be the tallest point in the building with a height of 172.5 meters. In line with Gaudi’s plan.

Completion of construction postponed

The group, which is financing the building through private donations and tourist revenue, initially planned to complete the construction site in 2026. But due to work stoppage during the Covid-19 pandemic, this schedule was forced to be revised.

The construction team has not yet announced a new date for the end of the work that began in 1882, to which Antoni Gaudí devoted four decades, until his death in 1926, when the tram crashed.


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