Bao Nabada, the author of Isan's version of the song “Sanju”, suffers from cerebellar atrophy!

He made the internet world very worried after liking a famous page in the internet world Movie star He came out to reveal a photo of the singer Paw Navada Secret Who is suffering from cerebellar atrophy, which causes loss of balance and normal speech. At this event, people were shocked and came to offer her overwhelming support.

The famous page wrote a message saying: “Wayne Virachai, a famous music artist, published news about the illness of the young artist, “Napada Sukrit,” who suffers from brain atrophy. It causes loss of balance and normal speech. By Win posted a picture ready to tell the story that “(I felt guilty) I just hung up on Napada Sukkrit and scolded Nong for being so harsh when speaking! Nong Fa, a former high-quality singer who sang powerfully (Her Song I Will Survive, Isan Edition, Return to” Love Gun (dramatic actor) was working together and then drifting away.. Today I just found out about my illness. (From the person with a drunk voice) Nong Pha couldn't stand for a long time. It's brain fog. Which makes it difficult to control balance and speak as if a drunk person doesn't He can speak clearly.(But we still can communicate) So we apologized and asked about suffering/happiness including spending in daily life.. Nong Fa (or Bao) said she would like to ask her mother to ask her to help her survive “And create a website to sell stuff.”

“Today, we rely on Dhamma principles to make a living. And I'm alone! ..Win is sorry to receive the news that we spoke to him and apologizes. I just received a reason to speak like a drunk person.. Do you want to send encouragement to Paew or Nong Pha? .. So I thought I would I would like to get some work. Earn money to help compensate an artist who was creating great works and singing very well in this industry. Currently, it seems like there is nothing left in life. What I was good at was singing for a living. Today the voice may not be the same Same. But there is still work to remember. I am sick (but she is the one who does not give up) but I am still able to sing. Some of them may not be 100%. What programs would you like to invite for an interview? Or if you do something that increases your income and helps you, Nong will be happy Fa. As for Wayne, maybe he will come up with something to help artists who lack care. (Because she did not ask anyone) But as a senior who used to work as friends to help friends who were suffering from illnesses that required treatment and loss of jobs and things they loved. It is like death, what you can do is send encouragement Or share a little wealth, perhaps in the form of a concert so people can help. One has to keep fighting with life #Napada Sukkrit website”

Thank you for the illustrations of movie stars.

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