Ban Afghan women from NGOs


Afghan women’s NGOs bannedParis condemns the Taliban’s “ambiguity”.

Many NGOs suspended their activities in Afghanistan after NGOs were banned from working with women.

The Afghan government’s decision comes less than a week after it banned women from enrolling in public and private universities.


France condemned the Taliban’s “ambiguity” on Monday Afghan government’s decision to ban women from working in NGOs, according to a statement from the Ministry of External Affairs. “This new ban against women (…) once again (…) reveals the Taliban’s blackness to systematically exclude women from Afghan society,” Quai d’Orsay noted, adding that “this ruthlessness against them (…) is intolerable.” .

Paris “condemns in the strongest terms” a decision that seriously impedes the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Afghan people (…) as the country experiences a severe economic and humanitarian crisis.

Several foreign organizations suspended their operations on Sunday NGOs are banned from working with women in Afghanistan. Afghanistan’s economy ministry on Saturday ordered all non-governmental organizations to stop working with women or risk having their operating licenses suspended. It is not clear whether the directive applies to foreign women NGO workers.

In a letter to local and international NGOs, the ministry explained that it had taken the decision after receiving “serious complaints” that women working there did not respect the wearing of the “Islamic hijab”.

The noose around women has tightened in recent months. The Taliban returned to power in August 2021. A week ago it banned them from joining public and private universities, the dress code is not respected for the same reasons. They have already withdrawn from secondary schools.


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