Baidu's chatbot Ernie has 200 million users, followed by Kimi in number.

Chinese tech giant Baidu says its Ernie Bot chatbot has more than 200 million users, making it the most popular chatbot in China.

Baidu CEO Robin Li noted that Ernie's API said the increase reflects users issuing more than 200 million commands to Ernie daily. While the number of corporate users exceeded 85,000

The number of users of the Ernie app, which was released to the public in just eight months, has doubled since last December.

Last February, Li previously told analysts that Baidu began receiving revenue from Ernie, and in the fourth quarter of 2018, the company received hundreds of millions of yuan (one yuan is about $5) from the company's use of artificial intelligence to develop its services and help other companies build intelligence models. Artificial.

And in China, there's also a competing AI chat battery service, Kimi, from Moonshot AI, an Alibaba-backed startup that closely follows Ernie.

From March stats Ernie has been viewed over 14.9 million times on her website and app, while Kimi has 12.6 million views showing that Kimi is growing faster than Ernie, with traffic increasing by 321.6% in just one month.

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