At least seven people have died after rocks fell into a lake in Brazil –

We learned with firefighters on Saturday that at least seven people were killed and three were missing when a part of the cliff fell on boats in a tourist lake in the state of Minas Gerais in southeastern Brazil.

“At this point, seven people are dead and three are missing,” a Minas Gerais firefighters spokesman said in a final statement. According to an earlier report, six people were killed, 20 were missing and 32 were injured. Firefighters said the number of missing was initially estimated based on witnesses, travel agents and relatives.

At noon, a large rock broke off its wall and fell on three boats Furnace Lake, a popular site for its spectacular parade of green water and rock walls.

Images posted on social networking sites

In dramatic scenes shared on social media, one was able to see the exact moment when the rocks fell on all three boats, causing panic among the passengers watching the scene on the other boats.

In other recordings, shortly before the tragedy, we see people warning that “a lot of stones are falling” and calling those on the boat to leave the wall.

President Jair Bolsanaro shared some videos on social media praising the work of the Brazilian Navy, which “goes to the site after a catastrophic disaster” and “works to rescue victims and evacuate the wounded.”

Of the injured, nine have been admitted to hospital and firefighters with various equipment and divers intervened at the scene. The search was halted overnight for security reasons and will resume the next day.

Accident favorable due to heavy rain

Firefighters said heavy rains in recent days in southeastern Brazil were in favor of the crash.

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Located 300 kilometers from the capital Belo Horizonte, the Capitolio area attracts many tourists with its rocky faces, valley and waterfalls.

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