Ascender is an intelligent robot that can climb and clean stairs.

Ascender, an intelligent robot that can climb stairs

This work goes to Migo Robotics, which developed the Ascender smart vacuuming robot, which is not only designed to be able to sweep and mop the floor on its own. But he can still climb stairs and clean. It has become the world's first robotic vacuum cleaner that can climb stairs and clean the entire house.

The robot is equipped with various obstacle avoidance systems. From a high-resolution camera, a LiDAR sensor like that used in self-driving cars, to six TOF sensors to provide the AI ​​processing system with data to act accurately.

When you first start up, the Ascender starts rotating and running around the entire area to examine and create a 3D map, then starts vacuuming and mopping to clean the selected area. It has a maximum suction power of 9700 Pa and a sweeping force of about 17 Newtons.

After completing the work, the robot will return directly to the station to recharge and change the water. It automatically cleans the mop cloth and is ready for reuse. However, both the water tank and dust bag must be serviced every 30 days to maintain peak performance of the Ascender.

The main feature of the Ascender is its ability to go up and down stairs on its own. The robot can lift itself up and lean on steps to carry itself up and down. The robot is also designed to support work in tight spaces. So it can not only move along the stairs. But it can also clean every step of the stairs.

With this system, Ascender can automatically support the use and cleaning of the entire home. Completely changing the concept of vacuum robots that can only be used in apartments. In addition, the robot supports a working area of ​​up to 500 square meters per charge. Therefore, it is not difficult to take care of the entire house.

It is considered a new generation of vacuum cleaner robots that may revolutionize home cleaning to be more convenient.

For those of you who have read the information about this robot vacuum cleaner and are interested in it, the Ascender is currently open for pre-order for $849 (about 31,000 baht) today and is expected to be produced for general distribution at $1,499. (about 54,870 baht) coming soon

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