Asaki offers 3 models of smartphone charging kits with worthwhile features. reasonable price

If anyone is looking for battery charging and data transfer combo. Introducing the Asaki brand, which has a long history of experience. They can be easily reserved in convenience stores across the country. Or other channels There are 3 models released for sale: Asaki A-2310, Asaki A-2237, and Asaki A-2262. Additional details are as follows…

Let’s start with Asaki A-2310 It is a set of charging and data transfer cables with a USB Type-C port that supports power delivery at a maximum speed of 5A (100W). Suitable for Android smartphones and devices that support Type-C sockets. -C (only models supported ), but not all models will charge quickly. Because each model has different performance and supports charging speeds.

Asaki A-2310 Let you use it safely and confidently. With standard production the charging cable is made of braided nylon material with a length of 2 meters (200cm) on both sides of the charging head. Each side of the joint is well covered. Hence resistant to bending it can be pulled and pulled easily. The cable is covered with three layers of insulation. Increased durability even more

Asaki A-2310 It can now be purchased from leading convenience stores nationwide or 7-Eleven Stores nationwide at a price of 149 baht with a 15-month warranty, which helps increase confidence in use.

Continue with the 4IN1 Multi-Purpose Charging Kit (Asaki A-2237) You can say that you only bought one set. But it can charge every device simultaneously whether it is smartphones and tablets, Android or iOS platforms, gadgets, smart home devices, smart life devices, etc. with certified quality circuits. It is safe and can be used with confidence as it has a 2.4A fast charging feature, fast charging, which saves time.

For charging cables covered with thick insulation. It consists of 3 layers of insulation, strong and durable, which can be used efficiently. Strong joints, resistant to bending. -Hard to damage, 1 meter (100 cm) long.

Each head is divided into 3 ports, such as Lightning, Micro USB 2.0 and USB Type-C, which makes it possible to charge multiple devices, and most importantly the set also comes with an adapter, it has round pins, making it pluggable in tightly. And it can be carried to use even outside. It features fast charging feature and stable power supply by safely charging 3 chargers at the same time.

Charging via the adapter is fast thanks to the 2.4A fast charging feature without cable tangling. Makes it convenient to carry or use.

Multipurpose charging set Asaki A-2237 It can be purchased now from leading stores nationwide or 7-Eleven stores nationwide at a price of 199 baht with a 15-month product warranty.

Finally, for iPhone/iPad users, you must have: Asaki A-2262 Data can be synced seamlessly, without interruption, without any complaints. Or use it to charge the battery Convenient and flexible It has a fast charging feature of up to 20W, providing full power. With safety functions so you can be confident in using it. With beautiful cable design that fits your device well.

Asaki A-2262 The charging cable is strong and durable, 1m (100cm) long, sturdy and durable, more confident to use. The port header area has a plastic cover connector. Good elasticity helps prevent breakage or bending. It makes it easy to grip and pull out, whether it is inserting or pulling it out, you don’t have to worry.

For charging cable Asaki A-2262 Compatible with iOS devices that have a Lightning port such as all iPhone and iPad models, it can be used to charge batteries at approximately 5V-3.0A or 20W, reducing charging time. For continuous use In addition, data can be transferred normally. There were no charges. It can be said that it is complete.

Charger set Asaki A-2262 It can be purchased now from leading convenience stores nationwide or 7-Eleven Stores nationwide, is available for 259 baht and comes with a 15-month warranty.

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