Arctic Ocean: Greenland is colder than Denmark

Arctic Ocean

Greenland is at odds with Denmark

Greenland’s prime minister is criticizing Copenhagen for taking decisions on his island without consulting him. The Danish Foreign Minister communicates.


Greenland’s Prime Minister, Mute Egede (left, with his Danish counterpart, Mette Frederiksen), said, “Even though we are an Arctic country, it shows what the Foreign Ministry thinks of us and how it does not include us. The Kingdom”.


The head of Greenland’s local government said on Thursday that relations between the Danish autonomous territory in the Arctic and its training authority were strained. “The relations between Denmark and Greenland are not good at the moment,” Mute Egede told the leading Danish daily “Politiken”.

The question is that Copenhagen appointed an ambassador to the Arctic who has nothing to do with the region – he is not Greenlandic and is an expert in international law – despite the agreement that Denmark cannot take any decision regarding Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Their contract.

“This practice shows what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs thinks of us and how it does not include us even though we are an Arctic country of the Kingdom. The film speaks for itself,” affirmed Mood Agate.

What language should be used in the Danish Parliament?

For former Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, head of Danish diplomacy, the appointment is in line with the appointment process within his ministry. “Currently, Greenlandic foreign policy is the responsibility of the Kingdom of Denmark,” he said, adding that Copenhagen “is trying in many areas to give Greenland a bigger role in terms of foreign policy.”

“At this time, Greenland foreign policy is the responsibility of the Kingdom of Denmark.”

Lars Løkke Rasmussen, Danish Foreign Minister

Another point of tension was when a deputy representing Greenland spoke in Greenlandic during a session of Denmark’s parliament, causing a lot of ink, with some believing exchanges there should be exclusively in Danish. In the absence of a rule on the question, the Parliamentary Executive will meet in mid-June to decide on the matter.

Self-governing since 1979, Greenland has its own flag, language, culture, institutions and a prime minister, covering 2.2 million square kilometers with 55,000 inhabitants, 2,500 km away. At the end of April, he presented an unprecedented draft constitution on which officials could rely in the event of an independence plan.

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