Apple shares a free guide to creating a Vision Board on the Freeform app to get you started on unlimited creativity.

apple The Freeform app user guide has been released as a free download as part of the Career on Campus campaign to help college students prepare and equip themselves with the necessary skills for their future careers. Along with techniques for using Apple technology that will make you make a bigger impression.

In this guide, users will learn techniques for creating vision boards using Freeform on Mac and iPad, a free app that makes it easy for users to collect and organize their ideas. Most importantly, the Freeform app connects to all your Apple devices, and comes with software running iOS or iPadOS 16.2 or later. Provides a flexible canvas and supports a variety of file formats. Great for sharing thoughts or ideas. It can be used alone or shared and collaborated with others.

You can download a guide to creating a vision board at


Addition team App Store Also create an exclusive collection of applications. A collection of useful apps for those about to graduate to help plan, practice skills, take notes and inspire new ideas. You can check out our collection of apps we've chosen to help you envision your future and plan to achieve your dream goals at

You can download the build guide. Council vision Get it in

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