Anger and protests by rights activists in support of abortion

In the aftermath of the shock, abortion rights activists staged a second day of protest in the United States on Saturday, dusting off what many thought against the Supreme Court ruling.

The High Court left to the states the choice of whether or not to ban abortion in a deeply divided country, overturning its “Row V. Wade” identity ruling guaranteeing the right to abortion for American women since 1973.

Thousands of people gathered outside the Supreme Court in Washington on Saturday. “What happened yesterday is indescribable and disgusting,” shouted 19-year-old political science student Mia Stockner. “No woman should be forced to become a mother.”

Satisfaction of “pro-life”

But if this decision has shocked progressive activists, especially the religious right, it has delighted those who have been fighting for its abolition for decades. A few dozen anti-abortion activists also came to court on Saturday.

“I believe in the sanctity and dignity of human life,” said Savannah Craven, a member of the Live Action Group. “Life begins in the womb, life begins in the womb”.

Fear of abortion rights lawyers

Even if clinics in Missouri, South Dakota or Georgia close their doors one after another, democratic states such as California or New York have pledged to protect access to abortion on their soil.

Defenders of the right to abortion fear that the Supreme Court, with a clear conservative majority, will change all other rights, such as marriage or contraception for all.

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