Angels, my friends – life is different

True, I admit, I have a weakness for fairies. It’s not because of Josephine’s Guardian Angel, a TV series that has the immense merit of giving us something other than domestic scenes or crime scenes in the evening. It is not in the air of a new age that ends up taking some wrinkles over time. No, if I have a soft spot for fairies, it’s because they continue to make us humans believe in them, even if we don’t actually believe in them. Obviously, it should be done! When I consider the care we take to destroy our wonderful planet – according to a study by scientists at Stockholm University – according to recent news, rainwater on Earth everywhere is undrinkable because of toxic chemicals above recommended levels. When I look at the human and environmental devastation caused by Russian Vladimir Putin, Chinese Xi Jinping, American Donald Trump or Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro, to name only these superegos who have no planetary consciousness, I tell myself that the angels show infinite patience.

In their stead, I appeal to their patron, the Archangel Michael, so that he may remove from the earth with his flaming sword these negative forces that prevent us from progressing in the light individually and collectively. But now, to the noise of our agitation, the angels prefer the silence of their intercession. They continue to transmit to us, tirelessly, the breath of everyone else’s (or God’s, if you will) unconditional love, perhaps certain that this breath will eventually penetrate the opaque layers of our souls. What perseverance! Come to think of it, these negative forces that make my hair stand on end are not so foreign to me. That’s why I struggle to support them. So I’m not happy that Archangel Michael didn’t show his sword sooner. He leaves me some more time to lighten my own ego by reaching out to my friends the angels. If they have wings, it’s because they take themselves lightly! (Published by the Chronicle Echo Magazine (September 7, 2022)

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