Android 13 preview shows how Pixel phones can stream apps to your PC

Google’s January planner revealed plans To spend 2022 trying to make the Android and Chrome OS experience match Apple’s integration into the ecosystem, including a feature that will mirror the messaging app from your Android phone to your Chromebook. thanks for the 9to5Googlewho did some research in the recently released Android 13 developer preview, we may have a file An early look at what this feature would look like.

Google first identified the mirroring feature in january.
Image: google

based on what 9to5Google Found, it looks like Google will basically enable apps streaming to your PC. The feature may end up working on computers other than Chrome OS as well 9to5Google She says she used the included web app on both Chrome OS and Windows 11.

Here’s how the feature works, according to 9to5Google:

The Pixel creates a completely separate virtual screen, which is streamed to your laptop or desktop, rather than just mirroring the phone screen. This second view is where your messaging apps will appear. This means that you can open an app on your laptop/desktop without disabling any apps running on your phone’s home screen.

And it’s not just messages – you’ll obviously be able to open files Which From your phone apps:

At the bottom left, there is a menu button that, when clicked, reveals the full list of applications installed on your phone. Using this menu, you can start playing Which The app is on your phone, not just messaging apps. In fact, your entire phone can be accessed by streaming across Pixel devices.

9to5Google’s Article – Commodity It has some videos and screenshots that do a great job of showing what this app might be capable of, and I highly recommend checking out the story to see it in action.

This is a screenshot from a file 9to5Google Video showing the app streaming on Twitter.
picture: 9to5Google

9to5Google Cross-device streaming is also enabled on Chrome OS, although it appears that the post was only able to launch the messaging app.

As with any feature in development, there is always a chance that what 9to5Google Changes found before a public release. Given that we just got a Android 13’s first developer previewThere is certainly a chance that things will look or function a lot differently if or when these features become available. Still, what 9to5Google I found it looks very promising.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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