An upset girl bought fried basil from the market for 50 baht, opened the box and was shocked. Found some great comments.

Customers are fed up. Buy fried pork with basil for 50 baht. Open the box, look at it and almost rub your eyes. The price is not wrong. Netizens commented loudly: Paying $70 is still better than this.

Image from Facebook If you want to be famous, I'll give it back to you

It is probably a popular list for many people. Fried basil Because it is a food that is sold almost everywhere. Therefore, each customer has his own standard price and completely clear quantity.

May 25, 2024 Facebook Page: If you want to become famous, I will return Part 6 to you He posted a photo of a customer who felt uncomfortable with the minced pork and basil menu. Sold at a market in Kamphaeng Saen, Nakhon Pathom Province, which sells for 50 baht, it feels like it's not worth it compared to this list, which other places sell in boxes for less expensive but in a larger quantity.

Fried basil on rice
Image from Facebook If you want to be famous, I'll give it back to you

The author of the post mentioned I would like to ask you what you think. Should I really sell it for 50 baht? At Rong Charoen Market, where I usually live in Bangkok, 25 baht with basil rice is still more than that.

After this story was published it seems that many local residents and netizens came forward to express their opinions. Most of them consider it expensive. The quantity is much less than other stores, which some criticized the store for. If they continue to sell this way, it will destroy the reputation of the market. Many people believe that by using this method, they will only be able to make sales once. It is unlikely that there will be regular customers.


Meanwhile, a netizen came out and pointed out another similar case. Order the special crispy pork basil, the shop charges 70 baht but the quantity is so small you can't count the pieces until a customer posts a scolding post. The owner of the post saw this and believed it. Maybe it was the same store I bought it from.

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