An American surgeon performed the first human eye transplant in the world: PPTVHD36

American surgeons transplanted the first human eye, an important step in medical development.

Yesterday (November 9), a surgical team at NYU Langone Health in New York City, US, said it had performed the first human eye transplant. Although the patient is currently unable to see from the transplanted eye, during the six months following surgery this patient’s eyes showed significant positive signs. Both in terms of health including well functioning blood vessels and the retina are likely to improve

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Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez, the surgeon who led the transplant team, said the eye transplant was an important step forward. Because it’s something a lot of people have thought about doing for a long time. But this has never been done before.

Initially, doctors planned to perform an eye transplant. This is part of the face transplant procedure for cosmetic reasons. Until now, the surgical team is still at a stage where they can only perform corneal transplants. But efforts are being made to restore some form of vision.

The eye transplant patient was Aaron James, a 46-year-old veteran from Arkansas. The man who lost his left eye and face as a result of a high-voltage accident while working said he did not expect this. Will this eye transplant restore vision in his left eye? But at least it made the surgical team learn. And use knowledge to help others in the future

Aaron said: Do you know? We are at that stage. Because it never happened before. No one knows what to expect: You know, the surgeons told me, they said frankly, we never expected a transplant like this to happen. They never expected it to work. They told me from the beginning. “But the fact that blood is still flowing through the eye means that this is the first step.”

He added: “And that’s what I told them. I said even though I still can’t see, I haven’t been able to see with that eye since the accident. Maybe at least the whole surgical team will learn something to help the next person. That’s how you start. You have to start from a place.” “What first. I hope this will open a new path.”

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