American cities install surveillance cameras to combat crime – Thai Xinhua

(Xinhua Archive Photo: A group of homeless people in San Francisco, California, USA, December 23, 2023)

LOS ANGELES, March 30, 2020 (Xinhua) US Governor Gavin Newsom of California on Friday (March 29) revealed that it has installed nearly 500 high-tech CCTV cameras in Oakland. To suppress crimeNewsom posted on X, previously Twitter, that he had installed about 480 new high-tech security cameras along highways and in Oakland. To make the area safer it helps law enforcement agencies identify vehicles involved in crimes. Through real-time information and notifications

The above announcement from the Governor occurred while in the city of Oakland which is located across from San Francisco. Its population of more than 400,000 faces an increase in crime and violence.

A previous CNN report stated that last year, thefts in the city rose by 38 percent, burglaries increased by 23 percent, and car thefts increased by 44 percent, according to the American newspaper San Francisco Chronicle. Reports indicate that by 2023, one in 30 Aucklanders will experience car theft.

Even those who disagree say installing surveillance cameras is an invasion of privacy. But Newsom believes these surveillance networks will be a law enforcement tool. “To effectively suppress crime, bring perpetrators to justice and build safer and stronger communities for all Californians.

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