Amber Heard is deactivating her Twitter account, and frankly, who can blame her

Amber Heard

Since the majority of us who use Twitter on a daily basis keep trying to figure out what to do now Owned by Elon Musk—e.g. the checking account of whether Musk will be able to really, well push the social media company down to earth before he gets bored and annoyed enough to sell it to someone else at a huge loss — at least one person walked out while getting at least good to Somewhat: Amber Heard, who, as one of them Twitter’s greatest stinging targets over the past few years And the Musk’s ex-romantic partner may actually be the platonic example of someone who doesn’t need to be on The Hell anymore.

And so while Musk has been busy this week Beg for $8 apiece To keep Twitter’s fraud-blocking verification system in place, online investigators note that Heard has quietly deactivated her Twitter account. And while not like Heard — whose divorce from ex-husband Johnny Depp, and subsequent legal feuds with him, inspired some of the ugliest online hate-mongers we’ve seen in nearly a century, it seems we’ve been online — she’s already pretty inactive on social media. Social media For obvious reasons, it should be noted that she did not actually deactivate her Twitter account until last week, and still maintains, for example, an Instagram profile (very quiet).

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Heard is clearly a special case, due to the amount of anger directed towards her, and her personal connection to Musk. (The couple is said to have dated from 2016 to 2017; you spoke positively of it in an interview in 2018; who knows where they are now.) But that question will confront Twitter Musk from now on: How frustrating, dysfunctional, and distracted is the innovation, Will the big names that help keep Twitter relevant — not to mention regular users who create content that makes it worth anything to advertisers — tolerate before they jump in, too?

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