Amara Asavanont has spoken! Reasons for wanting to risk death for surgery He died at the age of 87 years

Amara Asavanont has spoken! Reasons for wanting to risk death for facelift surgery at age 87 on talk show

Another legendary heroine in the Thai entertainment industry. For senior actors Asavanont Architecture 87 years old, the title holder is Elizabeth Taylor from Thailand, the social media world is very excited! Because he just had facial surgery. Makes you look younger instantly. From a really beautiful place. She is more beautiful and younger than her age.

Amara Asavanont has spoken! Reasons for wanting to risk death for surgery He died at the age of 87 years

Latest Asavanont Architecture Today, I would like to go back and reclaim the beauty throne at the age of 87 after I decided to have a facelift to reverse my aging. At this time, My Am revealed that if she died, she would want to be beautiful first. Illustrating the issue of choosing to work until remaining unemployed in the entertainment industry for many years is every issue on the list Hot talk show On Channel 1 31 with Benz Poornchita and Chombo Thansitta as presenters.

Let's reveal the face for the first time about his latest plastic surgery at the age of 87?

Amara Al-Suwanun: I have been doing this for 3 months.

If I am 60 years old, do I want to have a facial?

Amara: I did it about 60 years ago, what you think is right, after 60 comes to 87, it's been 10 years, and it has sagged with age.

So how does your mother decide?

Amara: I didn't think about anything for 4-5 years. It started to recede. Did you use any kind of cream? Left Slap Right Slap Make Collagen Sometimes I straighten my lower teeth. It got better left and right, but it couldn't compete with the world's gravity and it slowly declined, but it was good. Since the 1960s at that time, it was good for 20 years. Now it's hanging, here it's hanging, it's hanging from my neck, I can't even wear a necklace, when it dangles, it crushes the necklace. We still want to be beautiful.

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It appears that the mother took care of herself from a young age because we looked at the pictures in the days when she was acting in dramas and movies, she was very beautiful, really Elizabeth from Thailand?

Amara: In the past, I used to push a little, and sometimes I would go to an event when I hadn't applied the plaster yet. I think we put the cream on and it rose a little.

My mother used to say that in the past, people used to wear scarves a lot. Do you have to wrap your neck all the time?

Amara: I can't go anywhere without wearing a necklace. Because if you wear a necklace, the wrinkles will cover the necklace. Now I have a chance to wear the necklace for a bit before I die.

The decision to undergo plastic surgery is not our decision alone. We have to ask our children as well?

Amara: We are not the only ones. Age and people are not devoid of diseases. There are diseases of the elderly, diabetes, eating ice cream, blood pressure, allergies, osteoporosis, there are all the diseases that the elderly are afflicted with. Then there is tinnitus. It's like there are cicadas in my ears, I went to the doctor and the doctor told me to forget it, he wouldn't be able to do anything. The nerves behind the brain deteriorate. If you don't get it, you will get Alzheimer's disease.

inI am 87 years old and suffer from many diseases. My children are definitely worried. The children say they do not want their mother to do that?

Amara: Of course, and when I spoke, he said that my mother would go crazy. That's all good. Who's going to see mom? I want to see myself, I don't want anyone to see me. I'm suffering these days. When I look at him, he's hanging, here he's hanging, with lobes under my eyes. This surgery is not over yet, I need to do another set. Another group will remove drooping eyelids by making incisions under the eyebrows and pulling the eyelids. Now your eyes will be dazzled.

Request to return to the child's feelings before. If I were your child, I would be worried, Mom. Because having a disease, having anesthesia surgery has the right to be dangerous?

Amara: The most important thing is the location of the medicine. If the medication is taken for too long or if an allergy develops, it will say goodbye.

How do you say that? If you want to do something, just do it?

Amara: Ah, harassment every day. Do you know how to harass me? This mother is sad and not happy at all. Look, your face is wrinkled, no matter what you do, it's not good like this. Sometimes I act in a drama and don't want to eat, which makes me feel a little depressed (laughs).

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Was someone once beautiful?

Amara: True, but the face is like mine, but the skin does not stay with us as we age.

The mother wanted to do this, so she asked her child. And in the end the child gave up?

Amara: I gave up, and how could I not give up? I went to visit many clinics. No one dared, it's 87. If you don't go to the clinic, you will definitely go to the hospital.

What did he check?

Amara: Check your blood, heart. The heart is the most important. If you stop, this is the time to go. What do we want to do? His heart was beating abnormally. Wanting to give it because we are anxious results in the heart beating irregularly. what can i do? I had to stop because the doctor said I couldn't do it. So the doctor said you need to find a way to expand your lungs and there was a lot of homework. You have to run, you have to walk, inhale, exhale, do it 50-60 times a day, exercise your lungs, and buy a machine like a bike. I invested tens of thousands

Are you willing to lay the foundation for yourself to be strong and exercise so that you really want to have this surgery?

Amara: Sugar also needs to be reduced, food is deficient, if the doctor examines again and the blood is still more than 100, then there is no way.

How to stop sugar?

Amara: It hurts, but seriously, I don’t eat any food at all. Eat vegetables, fish, and sometimes boiled chicken. Then I put some hot salad dressing on it and I swallowed it and thought my face is beautiful, my face is beautiful (laughs).

Beauty makes us determined to do everything?

Amara: Also exercising, at first I was afraid that Pam would be treated by many doctors. The orthopedist said that in the morning after eating, let your back be exposed to the sun. The house has a balcony in front of the house. While eating, turn your back to the sun. Until my back becomes black and my face becomes white (laughs)

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How long did it take to get back to the hospital?

Amara: A whole month. Because the sugar does not decrease immediately. We know it takes time, and it can't be faked. We have accumulated sugar. When I go to the doctor, I don't eat a lot of sweets. But still accumulate before surgery, you should lower your blood sugar to no more than 100 baht, accumulating 6, and then you will get 5 when you have surgery. The doctor saw that I was firm and patient with everything, so he felt sorry for me.

Has a doctor ever told you that at your mother's age there is no one to consult? Is this the highest age condition?

Amara: I think he's from Thailand. The doctor said I won't make you look like a robot. Because I won't be able to laugh.

Mom, why are you willing to risk death for this beauty?

Amara: Well, she's mentally ill. I don't know either, I want to. It's like we want to eat sticky rice. They say if we eat it or we die, we will eat it. I'm a stubborn person.

The mother said that after having this surgery, she is not afraid of death. Is the fear of death less than the fear of not being beautiful?

Amara: Yes, if you die, you will die happy. Because when the doctor enters the operating room, we think that when we wake up, we will be beautiful. As I sit and wait in the hospital, the doctor rushes in. When will he come to pick me up? I wanted to get into bed quickly, so the doctor asked me if I was ready and gave me a saline solution. I replied that I was ready. The doctor told me not to force it. Because P'Am is someone who likes to force things. That is, we want to know whether we will sleep or not. This time I let him sleep for 3 minutes and woke up 4 hours later and he woke me up. Get up and get up. When do you finish? It's 10:00 p.m.

At the age of 87, symptoms appear after recovery from surgery. Young people like us are still confused. I was still dizzy during the c-section. How is your mother?

Amara: No, I'm beautiful even though I don't know. The mummy is still wrapped but in my heart I must be beautiful.

Is your mother hurt?

Amara: It hurts, but I feel like it will only hurt for 24 hours, and it will hurt a lot after the surgery is done, around 2 or 3 in the morning because it cuts everywhere from here on down. (Points from head to jaw) Behind the neck, pull and cut. “It's like chicken skin hanging here. I took out 12 pieces. My mom did it on his cheeks and then on his neck so he had to remove the skin. Take the skin and wrap it around your ear. The cheek area is pulled up to the ear and then lifted here (pointing to the head) The second part that needs to be done With it, you cannot do all of that at one time. It will be very long. The second thing you have to do is keep your eyes peeled. The eyelids droop with age. Then make an incision under the eyebrow and lift it up like a puff. The appointment is on the 15th of this month. No Need to administer medication or anesthesia.

Doing this without anesthesia means that the mother has to know everything about what the doctor is doing. Mom, aren't you afraid?

Amara: I'm not afraid, it hurts me, but what are the results of the pain? The result of pain is pride, beauty, comfort, and happiness.

Round 1 Before Day 15. Round 1, when you look in the mirror, how satisfied is Mom?

Amara: Satisfied but sometimes it should be better. But it's okay because we are at that age. It's not that when you tighten it, it looks like a robot. It should look natural too. But I am very satisfied.

What do people around you say?

Amara: I don't mind, he doesn't complain, he asks if it hurts. We said it doesn't hurt.

But is it really beautiful?

Amara: This is better, not very nice. We are satisfied with what we have. Damn that thing is flabby. I don't want to be like children. We understand according to age. But happiness is only contentment.

Are there any trends of people harassing us after doing this?

Amara: I said that I am brave. Because it's a 50/50 risk if we don't have diabetes. The doctor said that if I pulled more it would rot the skin where the stitches were attached. If you pull it too hard, the performance of the strain system will rot. So I asked the doctor to make it beautiful and not corrupt.

Many people come to harass your mother. If I don't have surgery, is it a good idea to turn to a charity?

Amara: Yes, someone told me, I'll pay for this myself. No sponsor Yes that's right, merit is merit. But he is an impatient person. I want to see merit today, so create merit for myself first. We will talk about it in the next life. And in another 2-3 years we will talk about it. Sometimes my friends tease me, saying if I'm so old now, what angels will I make? Make yourself an entire lifetime working on rewarding yourself.

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