alive! “SLIM” Japanese lunar probe back in action: PPTVHD36

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said the previously shut down lunar probe is now back in operation. After receiving solar energy

In the case of January 20, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's (JAXA) Smart Lunar Exploration Lander (Slim) successfully landed on the lunar surface. Making Japan the fifth country in the world to land on the moon.

But the Slim ship faced a problem: its solar cells were unable to produce energy. Resulting in having to use power from the battery instead, until January 22, the battery level remained at 12%, causing the vehicle to shut down on its own. And disconnect communications according to the specified system

what do you think? When there might be action “Take the ashes and bury them on the moon.”

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In the past, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency had hoped that the Slim ship would be able to operate again. When the angle of the sun changes from the orbit of the moon, this makes the solar panels able to receive sunlight.

More recently, on January 29, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency reported good news: they had succeeded in reestablishing contact with the ship. The Slim spacecraft returned to communicate with Earth on Earth. It started working normally

The resurrection of an intact probe therefore means that Japan's scientific observation mission to the lunar surface has officially begun again.

Compiled from NHK

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