AION Y Plus 490 Premium cuts price to 999,000 baht, GAC continues to build factory in Rayong.

After sending electric cars on sale in Thailand for a while, the GAC AION made its debut at the Motor Expo, preparing to launch the new AION Y Plus 490 Premium at a special price. 999,900 Faded by the price 1,099,900 Lackluster so far 11 December. 2023 Just that

Technology The AION Y Plus 490 Premium is built on the AEP electric vehicle platform, and has a spacious interior. It comes with a 50:50 weight distribution ratio that improves the car’s handling efficiency with confidence.

The battery size is 63.2 kWh and provides a maximum operating distance of 490 km. It has a wheelbase of 2750 mm with rear legroom of 1022 mm, and passengers can sit comfortably. The front seats fold flat into a large 1.8-metre-long bed.

The AION Y Plus 490 Premium upgrade options come complete, with a total of 24 items.

  • The exterior design comes with an intelligent high beam system. With electric tailgate and VTOL function.
  • Inside, a ventilation system was added to the driver’s seat. The front passenger seat can be electrically adjusted in 4 directions.
  • Auto-dimming rearview mirror
  • Mood lighting in the cabin can be adjusted according to the tempo of the music.
  • The rear seats are equipped with headrests and a center armrest.
  • Including intelligent driving and entertainment systems There are 12 additional upgrades, including the L2+ intelligent driving assistance system, which helps increase comfort and safety for drivers.
  • An emergency charging cable is also provided for customers who purchase AION Y Plus 490 Premium.

The AION Y Plus 490 Premium comes with several driving assistance systems. Whether it is the ACC intelligent cruise control system with Stop & Go and the ICA system that helps drive at high speeds whether on a straight road or in curves efficiently. And a function to assist driving in traffic jams TJA (Traffic Jam Assist) which will help control the brake and accelerator automatically. It helps reduce the burden on drivers from traffic jams. Makes you no longer have to worry about traffic jams. It also comes with several other safety systems such as FCW, AEB, LDW and LKA, which act as warnings while driving and assist the driver in conditions at risk of an accident. It is considered to increase safety for drivers effectively. In addition, the car comes with a 540-degree panoramic image system, eliminating blind spots in the vision. There is a voice command system that can support both Thai and English languages. It also has a wireless mobile phone charging system. Navigation system and online music listening function, including remote car control through the application for the best experience in using the car.

AION is currently building a new factory in the EEC Special Economic Zone of Rayong Province, with an investment of 2.3 billion baht. Its production capacity is expected to reach more than 50,000 vehicles annually. Construction will be carried out in 2 phases and it is expected that the first phase of the project will already be completed, completing in July 2024.

AION is currently working closely with several distributor groups in Thailand. There are already 35 service centres, including 27 in Bangkok and surrounding areas. By the end of 2023, AION plans to expand its sales and service centers to 50 centers.

There is also a spare parts inventory center. The service has started to open. Spare parts can be delivered 24 hours a day throughout Thailand. At an easily accessible price and on December 15, an app will be launched that collects various information about the brand. You can find an agent and schedule a test drive with just one click. Including after-sales service. It also comes with a remote car control system, such as locking the car and turning on the air conditioning. It provides users with a convenient digital service experience.

In addition, at Motor Expo 2023, AION also showcased GAC AION’s high-end electric vehicle brand, such as the Hyper GT electric sports sedan. The fastest-selling premium model since its launch and the Hyper HT, the first 100% electric SUV from Hyper, a high-performance electric vehicle brand.

And ending with the Hyper SSR, the latest 100% electric supercar at the flagship level. It is considered the first high-performance supercar under the Hyper brand from GAC AION.

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