Afzal Rakwani asks to pay for herself, and reveals that she bought a luxury car for the man only to sit in

It can be said that she is a very talented girl all around. As for popular YouTubers and stars like Best Rakwanee, the beautiful daughter of father Bas Khamseng, it must be said that during this period she is hot and fragrant. After being lonely for a long time previously, she had a good time buying a beautiful bright blue Porsche, priced at millions of baht, surrounded by fans and industry workers who offered many congratulations.

Recently, Best came out in an interview to talk about the newly acquired luxury car. He said that jokingly too. Only men should sit. And letting just one woman sit down she revealed that “I’ve been looking at this new car for a year. It’s expensive so you have to look carefully. I’m thinking carefully because it’s expensive. I didn’t buy it out of pocket. I saved money. I asked how I can achieve my dream. I’m single. No “I kiss women. I kiss men. I asked who will sit first. I didn’t tell you to wait and see. There will be a recording on YouTube that you can watch. I intend to buy it to pick up a man. And the woman lets her mother sit alone.”

As for the young man who comes to ride in our car, he must be single and handsome, but his status does not require that he be rich. That’s okay, let’s help each other. I don’t pay for anything. That is, this car was purchased to create content as well. “There will soon be a show where guys come and take a car ride. Talk for fun. Any single and available actor or actress will see your DMs or better yet will come up and invite you to take the ride. Well, if it comes first, it’s content first. Talk and spark find yourself a boyfriend “Again. Now there isn’t any. If there was, it would go down.”

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