According to Glassdoor, the Top Ten Top-Rated Jobs for Gen Z . Workers

If your company is looking for a recruiting firm, a large number of candidates are likely to be Generation Zers, according to a new report.

at recent days Report“Changing the pace for Generation Z employees entering the workforce,” Glassdoor analyzed their database of company reviews to examine the roles, companies, and cities that employees ranked highest. The report found that in general, “Generation Z workers are more satisfied with roles that provide them with the opportunity to shape the company’s culture and have a social impact.”

The highest rated job for Gen Z employees is The Recruitment Company, with a rating of 4.79 on a 5-point scale. Marketing manager (4.56) and social media manager (4.46) ranked closely behind.

Although the data shows Gen Zers, who were born between 1997 and 2012, are excited about working in roles that have impact and influence, Glassdoor has found that they are less satisfied with their jobs than other demographics, largely due to the pandemic’s impact on workplaces. . While Generation Z and Millennial workers rated their job satisfaction at 3.80, Gen Xers rated their satisfaction at 3.85, and with 3.93, Boomers are the happiest in their roles.

However, there are some jobs that Generation Z finds more convenient than others. According to a Glassdoor report, here are the 10 best jobs that will satisfy Gen Zers:

1. Corporate Recruiter

Average Rating: 4.79

2. Marketing Manager

Average Rating: 4.56

3. Social Media Manager

Average Rating: 4.46

4. Data Scientist

Average Rating: 4.44

5. Product Manager

Average Rating: 4.40

6. IT Specialist

Average Rating: 4.35

7. Account Coordinator

Average Rating: 4.31

8. Credit Analyst

Average rating: 4.30

9. Project engineer

Average Rating: 4.28

10. Business Development Assistant

Average Rating: 4.28

Corporate hiring, which gives Generation Z the greatest job satisfaction, provides the opportunity to “shape how companies attract and retain talent, including by helping build a diverse and inclusive workforce.”

Richard Johnson, associate economist at Glassdoor, said in the report.

This role was also ranked first among non-Generation Z workers (4.59), with a realtor (4.56) and a technical account manager (4.56) ranked second and third.

Johnson says these findings also reflect Generation Z’s desire to work in companies with collaborative, inclusive and innovative cultures.

“Entering the workforce during the pandemic has not been easy for Generation Z, but Glassdoor data shows that these younger workers are more satisfied with jobs rooted in community and creativity, especially content that works for the big companies that were built to withstand economic turmoil,” Johnson said in a statement. Journalist.

“This next generation of talent is already shaping the future of work, so employers who want to attract and retain a young workforce should consider jobs, businesses, and cities that will satisfy Generation Z.”

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