A young man goes on a blind date with a young woman. I was going to choose two hands full of gifts, why were they immediately thrown away? What's wrong?

A young man makes a blind date with a beautiful woman. Choose the gift carefully, and be sure to take care of the woman with both hands. I didn't expect it to be thrown away as soon as I saw it.

While giving a sincere gift may create good feelings in the recipient, the situation may be different if the wrong gift is chosen. As of last site (February 1, 2024) You wantReports on the story of a young man from Henan Province, China, who was on a blind date with a woman arranged for him by his family. He wanted to make a good impression on her, so he chose the gift carefully beforehand. But I didn't expect that once we met. She will show a dissatisfied expression. He turned around immediately

The report revealed that after the family arranged for the girl to go out with him on a blind date. This man has also carefully selected the gift beforehand. To give the woman because of the cold weather so he bought her some hot milk tea, he was dressed elegantly and his hands were full of gifts, but when he saw the woman's face, instead, he saw an expression of dissatisfaction.

The girl was waiting for him in front of the house. The young man immediately smiled and offered her milk tea. But when the woman looked at it, she found that the tea was cold. So she didn't accept it. They also blamed him. “It's really cold. Are you going to hurt my stomach or what? To give you cold drinks in the winter like this, you should at least buy some hot tea.”

The young man tried to say, “When I bought it, it was still hot. But because the weather was so cold, the tea is already cold. It's okay, I'll give you this fish. You can make the soup and eat it at home.”

But at that moment, the woman immediately turned around and left. He did not even accept the fish from the young man. Including not receiving the male at home, this led to the young man standing there carrying fish and milk tea in this manner. Under the eyes of the neighbors who were watching the whole incident.

While Internet users knew about the matter, opinions varied, and some pointed this out “If you were driving a Mercedes it would be different.” “I'm dying laughing. I deserve to be single.” Including people who think this young man doesn't understand the world. And I don't understand women at all. But there are some people who think that they may not have found the right person yet.

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