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They dated each other up to the point of marriage for 7 years to a pair of famous actresses. Donat Manatsanan Panlertongsakul and the girlfriend of businessman Tam Chamnong Asa

Recently on (November 14) Donut revealed that I went to eat but I rushed and came back in the morning and we had to work. We didn’t have any special gifts because we didn’t want any, but he asked. This year we have been together for 7 years, it is difficult because we are more independent, but we can talk frankly. He also complains that we work too much. There will be months where we are very busy and months where we are not so busy and we will spend time together. There will be some health-related complaints, and they are not too upset, we will quickly tell them first. A normal couple of buns, we can talk to each other about what they want to do or don’t want to do. Nothing special, I don’t want to have children like before.

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Our life is happy now we have one dog which we raise like our own child. It’s already full. We have parents to take care of. We have this time to give. I thought it would be nice to have another dog. Every couple is happy differently.

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