A wolf was killed in Tubbs.

The gray wolf has enjoyed ten years of favorable population dynamics in France (illustrative figure).


A wolf was shot and killed on Tuesday evening in Longevilles-Mont-d’Or (Doubs), on the Swiss border, while attacking a herd with two other wolves, it was announced on Wednesday. It is “a simple defensive shot” as provided by law.

“This Tuesday, September 20, at 10:40 p.m., a pair of wolf hunting lieutenants shot and killed a wolf in a plot that preceded a herd in Langeville-Mont-d’Or from September 18 to 19,” the provincial council said in a press release.

“This shot was carried out as part of a simple self-defense shot, issued by Ministerial Decree dated October 23, 2020 and approved by Prefectural Decree dated September 19, 2022. It was activated in a situation where three wolves were attacked. “The herd of GAEC is involved,” he announced.

The province adds that observations made by the head of department of the French Office for Biological Diversity (OFB) after the shooting establish that it was “carried out under the conditions required by the regulations”.

The director of Doubs, Jean-François Colombet, recalled “the importance of acting quickly on a balanced strategy to manage this predator to ensure a good coexistence in our sector between pastoralists and the wolf, a protected species”.

In France, the gray wolf, which returned natively from Italy, has enjoyed ten years of favorable population dynamics. The French Office for Biodiversity (OFB) estimates its population at between 826 and 1016 individuals.


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